Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just Poop Already!

I’m feeling like a bad mommy today…even though I know there’s only so much I can do. When I picked the kids up from the sitter’s yesterday, she told me that my son had gone through every pair of underwear I had packed him. She assured me that none of them were full blown accidents…he just had to poop and he wasn’t, and it was affecting him monitoring his pee!

Aren’t you glad you tuned in today? Keep reading for more of this exciting topic.

So we get home, and I know it’s been 2 days since he’s pooped, and it had been 2 days before we made him do it last time. He’s still in the beginning stages and he doesn’t want to poop on the potty (and I've offered him a diaper so he can poop in there and he refuses to put one on...we made him on Sunday and he still wouldn't go in it). So I had him in the bathroom for ½ hour last night right when we got home. I had a bowl of M&M’s in front of him that he could have as soon as he pooped; I told him we could go outside AS SOON AS HE POOPED!!!

Nothing worked.

Then hubby got home and he took over while I tried to figure out what we were having for dinner. He was in there with him for another ½ hour and he was screaming the whole time. They finally emerged and my son looked 10 times better. However, hubby informed me that he’s totally constipated. Great, so now not only does he not want to normally poop on the potty, but now he’s going to associate it with pain, so he’ll never want to go.

Needless to say dinner for the kids consisted of: apples, bananas, grapes and almonds along with juice that had some mineral oil in it. The kids were very confused about this “weird” dinner that they got to eat while watching Sesame Street in the family room.

I really hope this gets easier because I’m losing my patience really, really fast. But on a brighter note, hubby went to change my son this morning before taking him to the sitter only to find out he was dry! I’m not getting excited because I believe it could totally be a fluke, but it was still a nice surprise this morning!

And for those of you that made comments about cleaning up wet sheets…my secret has been these vinyl underwear thingies that we put over top of his underwear, so even when he goes, it doesn’t get on the bed or anything…it’s all contained! I got them at Babies R Us and they come in all sizes.

Tonight is trick-or-treating for us and the kids are ecstatic! You know I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of pictures!


Anonymous said...

When my nephew was being potty trained, he had poop issues, too. He wasn't into going on the potty and refused (REFUSED I say!) to let us put a diaper on him. He ended up being constipated so bad the was put on an adult laxative. Poor kid. He had some poop issues for a couple of years. Watching him go would make me all teary eyed as you could just see how much pain he was in.

Your poor son :( I'm dreading potty training in a few months. Dreading it.

Anonymous said...
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Amy W said...

The poop issues, why do kids have such issues with that??!!

If it makes you feel any better, I let Audrey run around naked while I was getting her bath ready last night and she peed in the playroom...

KathyM said...

Hope you don't mind, I've been reading your blog because I too am a "happy" working mom...and have much in common with you. Probably wont make you feel any better but at least commiserate - my son is now 4 1/2 - has been "potty" trained for pee since age 3...but still has yet to poop on the potty - have tried everything and now he just asks for a pullup when he has to go, and I've been instructed by his doc not to push it...but it's quite frustrating as you know! I hope your journey is much shorter than ours and good luck!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

i dont think doctors know anything. That's how come we have kids going to kindergarten not potty trained and how come all of us were before we were 2. our moms didnt ask the doctor, they just did what everyone did before them. and i am SO GLAD to read that you were giving your kids fruit and such. i was an instant away from suggesting a large glass of apple juice. WAY TO GO HWM! So proud of you! How about a couple of those orangey tasting prunes? I bet that would help in a jiffy! Good luck!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Poor little guy. As the mother of a child who has been chronically constipated for over four years, I can only suggest LOTS of applesauce and plenty of raisins. Beyond that, you might talk to your pediatrician about a laxative that you give your son to help things along.

Hang in there!

Edie C said...

I don't know why kids have that poop problem... I think the best thing you can do is make sure he has plenty of fiber so he won't be so constipated. You can also talk to your pediatrician and he/she can prescribe a really mild laxitive that might help move things along. You definitely don't want him to associate poop with pain. :(

Best of Luck

Dani said...

Oh I am so afraid of potty training!
So I have no advice other than what you've already done.
Have fun for Halloween! Give us pictures!

Christy said...

Lilly ha the same problem. Sometime we are going 5 days in between! Nana has specail 'poop juice' she gives her at these times. AKA prune juice and ginger ale :)