Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Great Monday!

Last night was a fun night…and what made it even better was the return of Front Porch Mondays!!!

This morning before I left for work, Jen, our nanny, informed me that this would be her last week working before maternity leave, which was a week earlier than we had planned. She told me that her doctor, who happens to be a male doctor in the same practice as my female doctor, had told her that she was dilating and the baby was moving down, and since she was full-term, she should take it easy. She felt so bad, and I know it’s not her fault, but I’m furious with her doctor! Are you kidding me? She’s freaking full-term!! I feel like I have talked to a lot of women with male doctors that tell them to take it easy and stop working…I’m guessing because they have no freaking idea what it’s like to have a baby. My doctor never said that to me, and I was huge and swollen with Kylie! Why didn’t she? Because she’s had 4 kids and knows that you just live with it! And what about moms that are pregnant with subsequent kids? All my nanny does is what any other mom does…she just takes care of the kids during the day! Could you tell a mom she needs to stop being a mom a couple of weeks before her due date?? Never!

Now if the baby was coming too early, or if there was something else “wrong” (i.e. high blood pressure, etc.) then I would completely understand, but even Jen acknowledged that nothing was wrong. But she’s a first time mom-to-be and just wants to do what her doctor tells her :( And like I said, I don’t blame her at all…I would do the same thing if I were in her position. I’m just mad at the doctor…

So anyway, I started immediately stressing about finding someone to watch the kids next week. I called John on the way to work and he was awesome…he told me not to stress and that he would take care of it. Later on that day he sent me an e-mail talking about how much he was looking forward to front porch Monday – just us and a glass of wine and catching up with each other!

As soon as we got home from work we went out to play. John and I took turns jumping on the trampoline with Kylie and Josh and pushing Ryan in the swing. We grilled some hamburgers and ate on the front porch.

After dinner the kids got baths/showers and we settled in for something that Kylie wanted to show us. She had come home Sunday all excited about how her teacher had shown her about having a clean and pure heart using water and food coloring. So we got her all set up and she gave us such a neat lesson!

After that the kids played their DSs for a little bit and John and I played with Ryan. At 8:15 all kids were sent up to bed and John and I headed out to the porch. It was so nice to be back again! We talked for a while and got into a serious discussion that actually took us away from the porch and up into our office to work on a solution to something that had been bothering us. At the end of the night there were hugs and tears and prayers and an overwhelming feeling of peace. So our first front porch Monday of the year was definitely a success!

The only downside to the day was the fact that Ryan got up twice in the middle of the night. The first time I was able to get to him fast enough, before he had sat up, and he went back to sleep. The second time, however, I was not so lucky. I rocked him and he finally stopped crying. After about 15 minutes I decided to put him back in the crib and see what he did. He was wide awake, but he just laid there and let me cover him up and give him all of his pacis. I swear that kid is an amazing sleeper! I kept waiting for him to start crying but he never did…he just went right back to sleep!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Annual Scrapbooking Weekend Recap...

Another scrapbooking weekend was a success!

After work on Friday, John helped me finish getting everything ready for my weekend. This time we decided to move the couch out of the family room since there were going to be a lot of people there this time. This allowed us to stretch the tables all the way from the kitchen into the family room so that we could all scrap together.

John had booked a weekend at a local hotel with a swimming pool for him and the kids to stay at since they were booted from the house :) Kylie was going to a sleepover birthday party for her friend that night, so she stayed around with me until I had to take her over there. My parents offered to keep Ryan for the night so that John could have some one-on-one time with Joshie. We were really worried about everything we had to accomplish this weekend – Kylie to her sleepover, Kylie picked up in the morning and taken to gymnastics, Kylie picked up from gymnastics, Ryan picked up, and on Sunday, John had to pick up the Sunday school stuff, have all of the football stuff ready to go, after church, my dad had to bring Ryan home and John had to get Kylie and Josh lunch and then get them to Joshie’s football game. I asked John if he was nervous that we might lose a kid this weekend and he said “yes!” I tell you, there’s no way we could have done it without the help of my parents. I’m so grateful for their eager willingness to help us out with the kids and their acknowledgement that John and I need time together, as well as time with our friends.

John and Josh left around 6:00 and Kylie and I hung out until I had to take her at 6:30. All of my friends started arriving around 6:15. We had 7 scrapping on Friday night, with 6 spending the night. Everyone brought wonderful food to eat, and we all got busy scrapping. After a while we fired up the chocolate fountain, and most of us stayed up until around 1:00 AM.

I woke up the next morning around 7:00, but I hung out in bed for an hour. It was so nice not having to get out of bed if I didn’t want to, and it was so nice watching a girly-show while I was doing that :)

We spent the day scrapping, and eating, and watching TV. I easily watched more TV than scrapbooked, but it was so nice being able to watch shows that I would never be able to watch with the kids around. I know that’s why the weekend was so relaxing for me…I was able to do what I wanted, whether it be watch TV, scrapbook, or eat :) We had 8 girls on Saturday, and the day seemed to fly by way too quickly!

Saturday night we continued the annual tradition and went to dinner. We ate at a local Mexican restaurant and definitely enjoyed the margaritas! After that we walked over to our local scrapbooking store and had fun just wondering around and buying a few things.

We scrapped the rest of the evening, and around 10:00 I called it quits for the night. I made myself up some dessert and plopped myself on the couch to watch TV. I actually fell asleep on the couch and woke up to go up to bed only to find one of my friends still scrapping :)

Sunday morning John stopped by to pick up all of the Sunday school stuff. I went out to help him, and he said that Ryan was not happy. I went to say “hi” to all of the kids, and Ryan kept saying “et, et” (which means “out”). I decided to take him out and feed him breakfast so that John could get to church and get everything set up without worrying about him. My dad ended up taking Ryan to church with him, so it all worked out and I was able to get some scrapbooking done.

Joshie had his first football game on Sunday, so that meant that John had to leave right from church and go to the game. My dad brought Ryan home, and he fell asleep in the car. I put him to bed, and my dad packed up and headed to the game. My sisters and my sister’s fiancé were also going to the game, which helped alleviate my guilt for missing it :( My family was so awesome…John had forgotten to bring snacks for the kids, so my sisters stopped and picked them up for us, and my dad brought something else to John that he had forgotten. It was a crazy morning!

Once all of that was cleared, I went back to scrapbooking. Slowly everyone started leaving, which of course was sad. The last people ended up leaving around 2:30, and I was able to get some things cleaned up before Ryan woke up (he ended up taking a 2 ½ hour nap!). My sister was hanging out for a little while before heading back to Michigan, which was nice. So we all went outside to play. It was so gorgeous outside and I had so much fun playing with the kids. All Ryan wanted to do was “weeee” (swing) and the kids and I jumped on the trampoline.

Once we got inside we worked to get homework done, dinner eaten, baths and the house cleaned up. When John and I finally collapsed on the couch at 9:30 we were exhausted! But we both had a wonderful weekend! He said he had a blast with the kids, and I of course had so much fun with my friends. And we didn’t lose any of the kids… :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

A Week in Review...

This week has been a mix of all kinds of things.

First, the week started off warm and sunny. It is ending cold and gloomy :( Our high today is in the low 50’s :(

Joshie had football practice on Monday night. This time John is head coach and they are both loving it! He’s also playing with a friend from church, and his dad is helping to coach, so that’s a lot of fun too! The problem for me this time is that Ryan no longer wants to sit in the stroller. So I try to keep him content playing by me while I try to watch, but then I eventually take him over to the playground. Last fall I was able to put him in the stroller and watch the whole game…not this time!

We grilled out for the first time this year on Tuesday and Wednesday. I love being able to cook dinner while playing outside with the kids!

John and I got to have lunch together this week, which never happens! His mom and dad were in town, and it was the day before his mom's birthday, so we met them, John's aunt and uncle, and his sister and her daughter for a wonderful lunch. It was so nice going out to eat and not having to cut food or worry about entertaining little ones :)

My annual scrapbooking weekend is this weekend, so I’ve been trying to get ready for it a little each night. There will be 8 girls in total each day, and 6 will be spending the night. Thankfully the kids spent the night at my mom’s last night, so I was able to get all of the sheets washed and their rooms cleaned and their bathroom cleaned so that is all done! Now I just have to get the playroom cleaned :)

I can’t wait for this weekend…we always have so much fun! We will have the chocolate fountain and go out for dinner tomorrow night, just like we have for the past 3 years. I love how we have so many little traditions when it comes to our scrapbooking get-aways!

So that’s my plan for the weekend. Joshie has an early football game on Sunday, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it or not. But at least the weather is supposed to be beautiful for it!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

This Easter was one of the best Easters I’ve had in a long time! We always have good Easters, but this one really was a lot of fun!

Saturday started with my sister and a couple of other bridesmaids coming over to put together invitations. She brought some bagels and drinks and we got to work. I had to leave for a hair appointment, and while I was gone my other sister got into town. When I got back, we finished up the invitations and then just hung out the rest of the day. My parents were over off and on, and we played outside and watched some movies.

Kylie and I went out and spent a lot of time on the trampoline together. We had so much fun jumping and laughing together. After that we went over to my dad’s back patio where he was sitting and hung out with him. I really loved the individual time I got to spend with Kylie.

Saturday night we got some Chinese food and at a late dinner. Suzie helped give the kids baths and we got them all into bed. The adults settled on the couch and I filled Easter eggs while we watched TV. Suzie and I love watching Being Erica, which she doesn’t get up in Michigan, so it’s always expected that we’ll watch at least one episode I have taped while she’s here.

Sunday morning we woke up and got everyone ready for church. The sun was shining and it was beautiful out! The kids all looked adorable in their brightly-colored Easter outfits and we were all in good moods (well, except for John who was quickly losing his patience with us because we were running late).

Our church was held at a hotel because where we normally meet was not open on Easter. The hotel was gorgeous, and we quickly went in and set up the kids’ rooms with their toys and snacks and other items. The baby room was the coat closet!

I love the feeling at church on Easter Sunday. Everyone is happy and smiling. And did I mention the gorgeous weather? We don’t have many gorgeous Easters, so it was apparent that everyone was enjoying this day.

After church, we cleaned up all the kids’ rooms and headed home. Ryan fell asleep on the way, so once we got home I took Kylie and Josh outside to get some pictures. Once my family got to the house, we let the kids go look for their Easter baskets.

We had a great lunch of cut-up fruit and crackers and chips and dip. Ryan finally woke up and we all went outside for a family picture. I was afraid I was not going to get one again this year because of his nap, but thankfully, I made it just in time! Last year, by the time Ryan woke up, Josh had chocolate all over his shirt, and John had changed his clothes :)

We sent Kylie and Josh inside so that John and I could go and hide all of the Easter eggs outside. Then they came out and went hunting! This was Ryan’s first year and he did really well :) They were all so cute out there looking for their eggs! It’s funny, my kids just wanted to hunt, they never even opened up the eggs to see what was in them! And as everyone who knows my family jokes, most of the candy will still be around next Easter!

The rest of the day was spent playing outside. John’s parents came over for a visit and we all sat around and talked, jumped on the trampoline swung on the swings (or “weee” as Ryan calls it) and just enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather. It was so gorgeous that we decided to have our Easter dinner outside! We had a great dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, broccoli and bread.

After dinner John’s parents left, and soon after that my dad, Cindy and big Josh left too. Then we played some baseball in the court with our neighbors. After that the kids all went back to the trampoline and we hung out with our neighbors.

Finally it was time to clean up and get ready for bed. It took a while, the house was a mess! But finally we had all kids in bed and most everything cleaned up, and John, Suzie and I sat on the couch to watch some TV. Suzie was leaving for vacation the next day, so it was a nice treat to have her with us on a Sunday afternoon. John opened his birthday presents from her and Cindy, and later on Darrin came in. We informed him that Kylie and Suzie were sleeping in the Buckeye room, and he and Josh were in the princess room…quite backwards!

So that was Easter weekend. Just writing about it brings back the good feelings and overall happiness I felt the whole time!

Last week was Kylie’s spring break. We had decided a while ago that we would not be going anywhere because the thought of trying to travel with Ryan right now makes my head spin. So John and I decided that we would take off Thursday and Friday and just hang out at home.

Unfortunately, leading up to those days off, John was working late every night. Twice he didn’t get home until after the kids were in bed. But it would all be worth it when we got to spend all that extra time together on Thursday and Friday, right? Maybe….

Thursday we decided to take the kids to COSI, which is a wonderful science museum we have in Columbus. We got there around lunch time, looked at a few exhibits, ate lunch, and then looked at more exibits. Kylie’s really getting into science, so she really had a good time. Ryan did really well…he would ride in the stroller and then I would get him out to run around when we were in areas that weren’t really busy. I had brought all of his “nap stuff” (real paci, elmo paci to hold, cookie monster paci to hold, and his mp3 player), and I would keep asking him “paci go nigh-night?” and he would emphatically shake his head and say “no.” Thankfully it really didn’t affect his mood…he did really well.

We ended the afternoon by getting Dippin Dots (my favorite) and just sitting and eating them. After that we dodged the rain drops and went home. The rest of the evening was relaxed and low-key while I made fried chicken for dinner and the kids played with John. We watched as it rained and then sleeted and then snowed all evening, very thankful that we didn’t have to go to work the next morning.

Friday we were awoken to John’s phone ringing. He finally got up and answered it and found out one of his clients was having a computer emergency. So he went into the office “for a couple of hours” (yeah right…I know what that means when he says it!), and the kids and I hung out all day. We had woken up to everything being covered with snow. No one had predicted this and the road crews certainly weren’t ready for it…it took John over an hour to get to work and it wasn’t even rush hour!

While the kids were napping (well, Ryan was, Kylie and Josh were “attempting to nap”), my neighbor came over and we discussed some recent events surrounding some recent events involving another neighbor, and then John finally came home!

That night was house church followed by the Buckeye basketball game. I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and we had some really good food to eat!

Saturday we went to a local market to get some cheap lunch meat and other goodies (like donuts, which Ryan of course loved), and then I took Kylie to gymnastics. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to watch her, and I had so much fun seeing all of the new things she has learned! The rest of the day was spent with my sister getting her wedding invitations squared away. Some of her bridesmaids will be over this next Saturday to assemble all of them, so we wanted to make sure we had everything planned out.

Saturday evening Ryan started with a runny nose. I put him to bed, and at 10:00 he was up again, cranky. I started to get frustrated, but then I realized how lucky we had been this winter with no sickness, and I haven’t been up with Ryan in so long, so I really didn’t have a right to complain! I got him back to sleep, but he was up again around 12:00, and spent the rest of the night in our bed constantly waking up. At 6:00 AM he was up for good, so I took him down to the couch and we watched “choo-choos” (Thomas). Kylie and Josh came down at 6:30, which is so early for them, but with Ryan being so loud it was no surprise they couldn’t sleep! Josh told me as he climbed onto the couch that he just couldn’t fall asleep. I told him that was fine, he would just need to take a good nap that afternoon. Come to find out, he thought he had been up all night! He thought he had never fallen asleep at all!

Around 8:00 Ryan was ready to go back to sleep, so I laid him in his crib and I climbed into my bed. John took the other two kids to church, and Ryan and I were able to get some much needed sleep!

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, playing, and wiping Ryan’s nose! He ended up taking three naps throughout the day and really was in a pretty good mood considering how sick he was.

John and I cleaned out our coat closets this weekend in hopes that by putting away all of the snow stuff we would be done with cold weather. I was a little worried because as evidenced this past weekend, you never know what the weather will do! But in seeing the weather reports, we’re supposed to get in the mid 70’s the second half of this week, with clear and sunny skies. I really hope that the warm weather is here to stay this time…I’m done with being cold!