Tuesday, December 19, 2006

OK, so no blogging at work really sucks...I haven't been on here in forever! As for house updates, we had our walk-through this morning and it looks fabulous! I can't believe that it's actually going to be ours tomorrow! The kids are doing great down at my parents', and now, before I spend too much time online I need to get this apartment packed up!

I hope the few readers I have will stay with me during this horrible transition period! We get road runner installed on Friday, so hopefully I will be back on a little more regularly.


No More Bloggin At Work!!!

OK, so I can no longer access the blogs at work. Which completely and totally sucks! And we don’t have internet at our crazy little apartment. But we get to move into our new house in 5 days!!!! I’m so excited! Here’s the timeline of my next week:

Sunday Evening: Kids go with my dad down to my parents’ house
Monday Morning: Get up and pack a little
Monday Afternoon: Go into work
Tuesday Morning: Walk through the new house with the construction supervisor
Tuesday Afternoon: Pack up the apartment
Wednesday Morning: Go to work and enjoy office Christmas party
Wednesday 2:00: Close on new house!!!!!
Wednesday Evening: Paint kids’ rooms
Thursday All Day: Mover’s bring all boxes and furniture to the house; sister and I
unpack while hubby runs cable to rooms it’s not in yet and put in
pantry shelves
Friday All Day: Unpack boxes and get house ready for kids
Friday Night: Go and pick up kids and bring them to the new house
Saturday: Finish Christmas shopping and wrapping and celebrate Christmas with
hubby’s family
Sunday: Bake Christmas cookies, go to church, hang out with kids and relax!
Monday: My whole family comes over and celebrates our first Christmas in the new

Phew! I think it’s doable, don’t you?

Last Saturday we went and did pictures…what a nightmare! The family ones turned out great, but we had a bad photographer and the kids’ ones were horrible! So they let us come back in on Tuesday and re-do their pictures. The two photographers that did them were fantastic! We had so many great pictures it was hard to choose. I pick them up Monday night, so I’ll scan them in and put them up so that everyone can see my adorable kids!

That’s about it…I have no idea when I’m even going to be able to get this post up, but we get road runner at the new house a week from today, so at least I’ll be able to post from home in a week!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Updates

OK, so who wants to come and help me? Panicking still, but I know I have no choice but to accept it and move on. We’re starting to put together an action plan, which will help, and I’m actually taking people up on their offers to help (so anyone reading this that would like to help, don’t offer unless you really mean it because I’ll say “OK” :) ).

I have bought the following items for my son's room: http://www.buckeyesportsstuff.com/buckeyes-helmet-mural-kit.html (it’s OK if I cheat a little bit, right?)


http://www.sportskids.com/superstore/Bedding/NCAA/Ohio+State/p/395478.html (very cute!)

I’m about to go on and order my daughter’s princess bedding and stuff, so hopefully their rooms will be all set for them when they come home. This brings up a little problem I have…I put my son down for bed last night (usually very easy, he just rolls over and goes to sleep) and he sits up and starts crying. I ask him what’s wrong and he says “sissy”. He was mad because my daughter hadn’t come to bed yet. And sure enough the minute I brought her in he turned over and went to sleep. What am I going to do when they have their own rooms again? Here I was worried they wouldn’t be able to share a room!

Last night we did a fun thing…we went to Chuck E. Cheeses, because our apartment/hotel is practically attached to it! But really it wasn’t crowded, and hubby had fed the kids before hand (I had dinner with a friend that is moving far away (crying :( ), and the whole 1 ½ hours of fun only cost us $20. It really should have only cost us $10, but hubby and I were having fun winning tickets for the kids :)

We have our Christmas family pictures tomorrow, and of course the kids have been sick :( This stinks because whenever my son gets sick his upper lip gets all red and chapped, so all week I’ve been drowning it in Aquafora (is that right?) every night before he goes to bed. That stuff is amazing! His lip is not bad at all…nothing a little concealer can’t fix :)

OK, now for my announcement: I think that I will win mother of the year award this year! Know why? Because I have managed to get my daughter Baby Alive and my son TMX Elmo…and I didn’t spend more than the normal price for Baby Alive and only $10 more than the retail price for Elmo. Yes, you can all give up the fight, the award is mine this year…better luck next year :) But honestly…the fact that I am doing this for my 3 and 1 year-old is insane!!! This should not happen until they are at least 5!

OK, I need to get back to work now. We will be at the house this weekend, of course, so I will try to remember my camera so that I can show you pictures of the house that we will be moving into in 12 days!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Panic Attacks

I seriously think I’m having a ton of little panic attacks. We are officially closing on our new house on December 20th, and I feel like there are 10,000 things that need to be accomplished before and after this. I need to make sure our appliances get there (I ordered them myself because I get an awesome GE discount since I work for the builder, and if I would have ordered them with the house they would have cost me 3 times as much). I have an awesome construction supervisor that is letting me get my appliances in before we close (this is normally absolutely not allowed if you are doing your own appliances), so I need to make sure that they are delivered at the correct time so that I am not holding him up in any way because he has to let them into the house. I also need to decide on my financing…that’s right, still haven’t locked my rate. I have to do that today. And then of course I need to pack up our little apartment-thingy. While this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, there’s more, and I know I’m inflicting this on myself, but like I’ve said before, I have a plan, and you can’t mess with my plan. My plan is to have Christmas in my new house. Or at least to be able to enjoy my week off with the kids not doing anything. So this means that we have three and a half days to move everything in, unpack, and pain the kids’ bedrooms. Even as I type this my heart rate is accelerating and I’m breathing heavier and I have this very heavy feeling in my stomach…but I really want my kids to come home on Christmas Eve and to spend the whole day backing cookies and decorating the tree. So now beforehand I have to decide how I’m going to paint their rooms…my daughter’s room will be fairly easy…I’m painting each wall a different pastel color and then putting up Disney Princess wall stickers. My son’s on the other hand will be a little more difficult – it will be a Buckeye theme, so we’re thinking about painting the walls to look like a Buckeye helmet.

I know that I can do this…even if I get very little sleep. And moving will be so much easier this time because we are at the end result…this beautiful new house that has a gigantic kitchen so I can do all the cooking I want! And all of the kids toys can come out of storage! Which by the way I’m totally using to my advantage and as an excuse for a light Christmas this year for the kids (don’t worry, by “light” I still mean a ton of presents…I usually go way overboard).

Alright…I need to stop writing now and get back to getting everything for the house organized and what else am I supposed to be doing? Oh yeah, working.

Friday, December 01, 2006

How to Get My Daughter to Eat

So last night OU played Central Michigan for the MAC championship (I think?) Clearly I did not watch the game…I was in the basement watching Grey’s Anatomy. We went over to my uncle’s house, and OU graduate, and all four of my cousins were there, all OU graduates as well, and then you have hubby and me, who graduated from there as well. Believe it or not there are many more OU graduates in my family that were not present…I think we’ve supported OU for the past 50 years! Anyway, we stopped and got pizza and I watched the first half with everyone. Guess what? My daughter ate tons and tons of pizza and fried cauliflower. Too bad I’m not the nicest mom in the world and will only give her pizza from now on. Nope, not so nice.

This is kind of a boring post because nothing else really went on. We went and looked at the new house last night…floors look beautiful! It’s looking so nice! They’re patching up the walls so that they will be ready for the final coat of paint. I just can’t wait to get in there!

The dentist appointment went great! I love this new dentist, and it’s 2 minutes from our new house. And my daughter did fabulous! She sat in the chair and let them clean her teeth, check her teeth and put vitamins on them (it was this foam stuff that she put on her teeth with a Q-tip-looking thing). I was so proud of her! My appointment was fine, I got through it ok and it didn’t hurt! My hygienist was so gentle and nice!

OK really, how boring can I be that I’m posting about our dentist appointment? I wish I had something deep to post about and make everyone think, but my brain is so fried right now from lack of sleep and moving and working really hard. I’ve got this huge project at work that I’ve been working on for months, and I’ve been working even harder on it lately. For the accountants out there: The SEC is sending comment letters to all the major homebuilders regarding how they are reporting their segments. They’ve had to restate and it’s just a whole mess. We have been planning on re-doing our segments, so that has been my project, and it’s not easy! You would think that it would be, but it’s not. It’s draining.

This weekend we are going to a festival in our new little city that will have Santa and a mini-Polar Express train (http://www.cityofpowell.us/docs/special%20events/HIP%20Detailed%20Schedule%20of%20Events.pdf), and then Saturday night hubby and I are going to a formal Christmas party for one of his clients. I hope to relax the rest of the weekend! I have to go and buy the kids their Christmas outfits because our pictures are next Saturday at this place: http://www.flashportraits.com/ If any of you have one of these close by go there! I love them! They aren’t too expensive and they so such a fabulous job with the kids.

OK, enough of my rambling and back to my work! Oh, and this morning started off horribly because these huge storms are coming through the Midwest http://www.weather.com/weather/local/43219?lswe=43219&lwsa=WeatherLocalUndeclared&from=whatwhere and as soon as I stepped out of my car it was a monsoon! I had an umbrella but I was absolutely drenched. And the worst part is that it’s Friday, so I’m wearing jeans, and they take the longest to dry. I’ve been here since 7:25 and at 9:30 I’m just now about dry. At least it’s Friday!