Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Calming Reminder...

Dear Me,
Your life has been crazy the last few months.  You have barely had time to catch your breath let alone put up blog posts (even though you are so behind you haven’t even put up Christmas pictures yet!!).  Give yourself a break!  Stop feeling bad…you will return, with pictures, sometime.  And of course the driver of your guilt is the fact that about 4+ months have passed by that you have not documented.  Big deal!  You didn’t even start blogging until Josh was about 1, so what’s a couple of months?

The last few months have brought a super crazy work schedule, a basketball season for Josh (yep, came and went without a single post or picture about it), a bunch of gymnastics meets for Kylie, Ryan becoming totally obsessed with hockey, and Colton turning 2 and saying and doing the most hilarious things ever (i.e. “Heeeeyyyy sexy lady.”  They will all be documented, just a little late.

So quit stressing about it…and get some type of photo editing software on your computer so that you can at least remove the red eye in your pictures and post those for goodness sake!

Yourself :)