Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Topic Jumping

OK, lots of topics to cover here, plus I’m SLAMMED at work right now (closing the books 3 days late = my work getting crunched into fewer days).

-Some people asked for pictures of my new fan and here it is! After looking at this picture I realized that we really, really need to paint our bedroom. However, I don’t see that happening in the near future.

-Some of you might be wondering how the search for childcare is going. To give you an idea, here’s the e-mail I got this morning at 6:24 from the lady we interviewed last night:


This is really weird to write so I will keep i short. I know you hadnt made your decision wether or not to allow me to watch your children but it seems my husband has made my choice or me. He wasnt real keen on me watching 2 more to begin with, I guess that was my fault for thinking he didnt really care or mean it. Long story short I feel awful and I certainly wasnt trying to waste your time by any means, especially after the fiasco with your last care giver , and I am very very sorry. I honestly had no idea he wasnt happy with the idea and if I had I would not have proceded and used your time etc. I am sorry, your children would have been a pleasure to spend time with.”

So as you can see, it’s not going so well. We have interviewed some real duds. We have one lady we really, really like, it’s just that she’s 10 minutes the wrong way. So we’ll hopefully have one more interview and if that doesn’t go well we’ll go with this lady.

-Lastly, Amy over at A Family Story gave me this fantastic award:

She said “Happy Working Mom- I really, really need to meet this person!” And she is so right! Who knows when it will happen since she lives in beautiful country and I live in not-so beautiful country (at least right now anyway…raining non-stop and I’m all wet!). But someday it will! Anyway, head on over there and read her daily updates live from Disney World!!!

I would like to pass the award on to the following people:

Radioactive girl – She is so inspiring with all of her projects and being such a fun and great mom!
The House of Mis-Fits – She lifts me up everyday with her comments and e-mails. Whenever I’m down all I have to do is read something from her and I instantly feel better!

Love, Family and Life – She just moved, started a new job, and has an adorable little girl…I always look forward to updates from her!

A happier girl – She cracks me up!!! She tells it like it is and always has me laughing…at her I think (but I’d like to think that looking back at her “adventures” with the kids she’s laughing too, so hopefully I’m laughing with her).

Who Could Ask For Anything More – Jill is so sweet and nice and every time I go there I feel so calmed by her! And I promise, this has nothing to do with the fact that I just won a magazine from her!

So go and visit these wonderful ladies…they, along with everyone else that I read, keep me laughing and give me so much support!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Good golly Miss Molly, you really are struggling with the childcare situation. I'm so sorry you're going through this and hope that it's resolved soon.

The new fan looks nice!

Shari said...

Love your fan. I'll be putting up pics of our newly painted room next week.

We're going to be changing our fan out soon too...

Oh childcare... Nightmare!!!

radioactive girl said...

Thanks for the award!

That child care thing sounds like a nightmare! It is so hard to find a good match. I got lucky with the kids I watch(ed) their last days are next week! The parents were awesome, the kids were awesome, and they really liked me too (at least that is what they said). I'm sad they are leaving but a break will be good for me. Hopefully in January I can start up again and find another perfect family...if only you lived near me!

radioactive girl said...
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Daddy Dan said...

I'd definitely go with the sitter 10 minutes out of the way, if you really liked her. The comfort you'll feel with your kids there will be worth the extra drive. Our first baby sitter was out of the way but we and the Babito liked her so much it was worth it.

Sherry said...

First thank you for the award, wow I do feel honored and I so appreciate it.
Second, child care!! Okay from reading that email you received I am GLAD your children aren't going to her. She seems a "tad" mixed up.
I know 10 mins the opposite direction actually equals 20 you have to back track, BUT if your gut instinct is with this one, she may be the way you have to go.
I only wish I was closer to you, my home would be open and I would take care of your children like they were my own. I am "Grandma Sherry" to a lot of kids and love it!!! I would embrace your kids and your worries would be over. Soooo just pack up and move waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out( as Kellie puts it) here to WA!!!
Yeah wishful thinking huh? Seriously you will know when you find the right sitter, it's parents instinct. You and your hubby are so in sync when you do find one you will both agree immediately!!
Love your fan but wow love the way your bedroom is. Now that is one awesome room!!!!
Have a great day and don't give up, there is a sitter out there for you!!!

Rebecca said...

Gosh, you must be so frustrated! Do you guys have daycare centers near you, where they have a staff that watches a group of children instead of just one babysitter? Max LOVES daycare, and with all the extra sets of eyes, I feel more comfortable with it.

Anonymous said...

Love the fan!! Your room looks great--what's above your bed?

Dear Lord on the childcare situation. Want me to move to your state? :)

Congrats on the award--you are fabulous!!

Dani said...

Congrats on the award.
Sorry about the nightmare childcare deal. Don't worry, you'll find the right person and it will all work out.
The fan looks great, and don't worry about the lack of paint. We've been in the house for almost 3 years and we still haven't painted the bedroom.

Edie C said...

You have a very cool looking room!!

Sorry about the sitter issue. I hope you have some good luck this week finding someone that's on your way to work!

Julie said...

I'm so jealous - we need a new ceiling fan - seeing yours makes me want to run out and buy it!

Wow, the hits just keep on coming with the sitter issues don't they? The good thing is at least she spoke up and told you - as opposed to her taking your kids and you finding out later.

a happier girl said...

Thanks for the award! I meant to say thanks earlier and totally forgot. Aren't you just the nicest ever! That's the first award I've ever gotten so I really do appreciate it. And you're definitely laughing with me not at me!