Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009 - Day 3

What a relaxing day! Today we got up and headed outside as soon as the sun was over the pool. The temperature was high sixties at this point, so it was perfect to lay out, but a little cold to be in the pool (even though the water was 83 degrees).

We came in to eat lunch and put the kids down for a nap and John and I got to spend some time laying in the sun by ourselves (huge benefit of having a condo so close to the pool!).

After the kids' naps we were back out there again, and this time John and the kids got in the pool.

After that we came inside to get showered and dressed and headed to this great place for dinner called "Aunt Catfish's." They had a live singer outside, along with a play area for the kids for while we waited. The food was really good, and aside from Ryan being his usual pain, it was a great dinner.

The whole day, and trip really, went sour when we returned back to the condo. We found a note attached to the door addressed to the "112 Visitors." When we opened it up, we found a note telling us "that people were complaining about our kids screaming."

Let me back up here. When we were getting ready to come down here, my aunt and uncle kept telling us over and over again how this place was full of "old people" and that they weren't used to kids splashing in the pool and stuff like that. We figured we would have no problems as 1.) we have wonderfully well-behaved kids, and 2.) they had experienced my cousin coming down with his buddies - drinking and being crazy.

Nevertheless, as soon as we got down here we talked to everyone we saw and tried to make sure we were on everyone's good side. And let me tell you, this place is full of people that are of "advanced retirement age" (trying to not offend anyone out there :) ). But everyone we met was so nice, and of course all the ladies oogled over Ryan. And I know I brag on here about how good our kids are...not perfect, but definitely very good, and yet we still were so careful with them...they never splashed when they were in the pool, and we tried to keep them so quiet - we were expecting them to act like adults instead of kids with how quiet we were making them be.

So we get that note, and my blood is boiling. I want to scream at these people and tell them this is why old people are not liked...they can't adapt! And the only one doing any screaming so far has been Ryan, and even then I'm right there quieting him down. I can't figure out what these people expect. And the nerve...this is a condo, that my uncle OWNS. There are no rules about no kids or anything like that, so for them to send a note like that is uncalled for. If I weren't so thankful for the use of this place, and if I didn't respect my uncle, I would have marched my butt right down to the couple that sent us the note and given them a piece of my mind.

I don't know why it has affected me so much...I really want to go home now. I'm sick of spending the energy trying to keep these kids so well-behaved for these people. Most of them had kids at one time...don't they remember??? I'm so sick to my stomach over the whole thing. I can't wait to get to Disney just to be in a place where kids are appreciated and accepted. Right now I wish we would have done an entire Disney trip and just forgotten about this place.

But I have to let it go...this is not my house, and therefore I have to be respectful. But, I can tell you that I'm no longer going to waste any energy on keeping the kids quiet. They will be as loud as they are...if Ryan screams, he screams. If the kids splash a little in the pool, then so be it. This is my vacation and I want to relax too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break 2009 - Days 1 and 2

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth…just relocated down a few states for a week :) We are in Florida for spring break!

Our plane took off at 7:00 AM Tuesday morning, which meant that we had to leave our house at 5:30 AM, which meant I had to be up at 4:00 AM. And to make matters worse, I didn’t go to bed until 12:30 AM, so I didn’t end up with much sleep.

The funny thing, that we didn’t really think about until we were on the way to the airport, is that we packed 5 suitcases, a diaper bag, each of us had carry-ons, a stroller, the baby carrier, and a boosters seat…how on earth were two adults and two kids going to carry all that???

Luckily we had a lot of help along the way…the bus guy helped us with our bags from the car to the airport drop-off, and then once we were in, two very nice ladies (who happened to be our flight attendants on our flight) helped us with our bags because poor Kylie was having a hard time pulling one of the suitcases.

Security wasn’t too bad to get through, but there was a line that we waited in for about 20 minutes (and because you have to put everything on the belt, at one point Ryan did end up being laid down on the floor).

Once on the plane Ryan decided he was hungry, which was perfect because he had not eaten since midnight, and had he been on his normal schedule (every 4-5 hours) we would have been in trouble as we really did get on the plane just in time. He then slept for an hour of the two-hour flight, which was very nice. Kylie and Josh did great on the flight as well.

We got into Florida around 9:10 AM and headed to get our rental car. It was so warm and sunny! We drove the hour from Orlando up to the condo we’re staying in by Daytona Beach. The condo is my uncle’s and it’s amazing! We are on the first floor and about 10 feet away from the pool. So the kids can run back in by themselves to go potty, and I can still sit at the pool when Ryan’s sleeping. And it’s a very close walk to the beach!

Once we got here, we all took naps! After that we got our suits on and got into the pool. Ryan was a bit of a pistol, but once I sat him on the edge of the pool with me with his feet in th water he was happy. Joshie started off playing hockey on the shuffle board thing (complete with winter gloves because "real hockey players wear gloves") and then wanted to go in the pool.

After pool time we headed out to get some dinner and groceries. We decided to drive down Daytona Beach and were extremely surprised to see how dead it was. I always figured it was a big, happening place, but there were so many businesses closed, and even some hotels for sale. Needless to say, we didn’t find any restaurants that looked good and the kids were really starting to whine. Joshie’s nose was really stuffed up and he refused to breathe through his mouth, so he kept crying and saying his nose hurt. Kylie was whining about being hungry and Ryan started getting fussy.

We finally found a Chinese restaurant and got dinner (the food was so good!). But right away Joshie was whining about being cold and wouldn’t eat, and then Ryan started losing it. We finished up, stopped at the grocery store for some breakfast foods and lunch meat and then went back to the condo.

I got the kids to bed and then climbed into bed myself. Ryan was up a few times to eat and I just generally didn’t sleep well. The kids came in to wake us up at 7:15, which was way too early considering they didn’t get into bed until 10:30. So John let me go back to sleep while he kept the kids. Turns out Ryan fell back asleep and John sent Josh back to bed since he was back to whining. Kylie came in to be with me and started complaining about a headache. This went on for a while, and after Ryan fell asleep again in my arms, Kylie actually fell asleep again.

After Joshie woke up, he and John played while I watched TV in bed between two sleeping kids. When Kylie woke up she said her head really hurt, so John and Josh went to get her some Tylanol. She was really in bad shape…she asked for soup and took a nap – she never does those things on her own :) After we gave her the Tylonal, she was so much better! We finally headed out to the pool and had a fantastic afternoon!

So while the first part of this trip was a little shacky, the second half of today has been wonderful. Tomorrow we plan on being outside (pool and maybe beach) and then Saturday we head to Disney!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Contest!!!!

About a year ago, Emily Listfield contacted me about reading her book and writing a review on it. It sounded like a great idea and I was so excited. The only problem? I'm a busy mom that has no time to read books (even though I LOVE to read).

Last summer I read the book. I got smart and took it outside during my lunch hour and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and got some reading in. The problem was I never wrote the review, because I procrastinate and can be forgetful**.

So to make up for it, I'm going to give away two of her "Waiting to Surface" books - one I read and the other one is brand spanking new.

All you have to do is leave a comment, and then make some mention of it on your blog with a link back here. I will leave it open until Friday night at midnight and draw two winners this weekend (I'll let you know Monday who won).

**It was a good book...I really felt like I was in the middle of the story!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Ice Skating!!

What a fabulous weekend!

Friday night we had a nanny interview (we really liked her), and then my parents watched all three kids while John and I went out to dinner.

Saturday we woke up and did some things around the house (Kylie and Josh had stayed at my parents’ the night before, so we only had to worry about entertaining Ryan while we worked). Then I went next door to my parents’ house and hung out for a while.

After that, we all headed to the ice rink! Joshie is obsessed with hockey, and has been dying to go skating. So we all went, and even my sister and her boyfriend met us over there (her boyfriend, “big Josh,” had never been skating!). We had a blast and the kids got better at it each time we went around! My arms were sore the next day though :)

Afterwards we all headed to our house and had a nice big dinner. Then we played some Wii and my sister and I tried to do some gymnastics and ended up laughing our butts off as we realized we no longer had the muscles we used to have :)

Sunday I stayed home from church with Josh and Ryan because Joshie was sick :( I was able to get all the laundry done and tried to organize some things. Between loads of laundry the kids and I would play and scrapbook.

It was fun and relaxing and I can’t wait to take the kids skating again!