Monday, October 22, 2007

A Weekend Review In Bullet Points:

-I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed Friday at 5:30. I talked to hubby at 4:00 and told him about it and he informed me he had to work until 7:00. So I asked my neighbor and friend (who we were actually watching their kids that night) to watch my kids for 15 minutes. What a mistake! My friend (the wife) was on a church retreat, so it was just “the guy” and when I came to pick up my kids? He was sleeping on the couch!!! Now my daughter is almost 4 ½, and she was playing with his older girls, so I wasn’t really worried about her as much as I was my 2 year-old!!! He could have stuck his finger in an un-protected outlet or something!

And this guy seriously has always given me grief because we never ask them to watch our kids…I wonder why???

-Saturday we interviewed another sitter and she was really great, except that she’s 10 minutes the wrong way. Not a deal breaker by any means, but we were hoping to find someone at least on the way to work.

-I also got all of my bulbs planted (all 75 of them) with the HUGE help of hubby! He bought this attachment that went on his drill and he drilled all the holes for my while I did everything else (which pretty much entailed putting the bulb in the hole :) ). I love flowers, but I really don’t like gardening. Not a good match.

-Yesterday we went and picked out the pumpkins! We’re going to wait to carve them until next weekend, but we got them and we also got “face” stickers so the kids put those on the little pumpkins. I have been reading them “The Littlest Pumpkin” and so my daughter had already decided what type of pumpkin she wanted and my son wanted a “uttle” pumpkin (a little one).

-We finally found a fan/light for our bedroom! We had ceiling fans roughed into each of the rooms in the house, and since we moved in, hubby and I have been looking for the perfect one (we have antique bronze door handles and hinges, so our fan options were fairly limited). We got a great deal on it, and last night at 7:00 he decided to install it :) I had to run back to Home Depot once and then he had to run to get different light bulbs after that. However, it is in and looks fabulous!

-We have more sitter interviews this week, so hopefully we decide on one and are happy by the end of this week!

-Happy Monday!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Don't you just love doing those little things around your house and yard that have a big impact?

So what did you say to your neighbor when you found out he slept instead of watching your kids?

Anonymous said...

I love the smaller things (fans/flowers) that make it all even better :)

I'm curious, too....what did you say to the neighbor sleeping while your kids were there?

Sherry said...

Sound like you had a very productive weekend. Too bad Fri was marred by the sleeping sitter!!!! Dang that's just wrong!!!!
I love hearing about your lil improvements around the house. You and your hubby do everything together and to me that's a sign of one long happy marriage, I love it!!!!
Like me and my better half, do everything together and don't you get that much more satisfaction from it? Home improvement projects and family time ie; the pumpkins are what keep the family strong.
Thurs is our 38th anniversary and you know it only gets better.
That's what I see for you and your hubby!!!!
Your fan sound beautiful, mmm pictures would be nice ya know, hint hint!!

radioactive girl said...

I have been needing to make an appointment to get my eyebros waxed. Even though yours turned out to be not ideal, at least you got yours done, right?

I need that attachment for the bulbs. I HATE gardening but love flowers too. I usually trick my kids and the neighbor kids into digging, but this year they are all old enough to realize that although I tell them it is fun, it actually isn't.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Good luck with the sitter. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. And to have it forced on you so quickly with literally NO NOTICE.

Also, you were one of the winners of the Southern Accents magazine!

Daddy Dan said...

Have you ever noticed that you NEVER get everything you need on the first trip to Home Depot. I've been known to go back 2 to 3 times to finish a minor home project.

Shari said...

I love home fixing up weekends... I'm always tired afterwards though.

Good luck on the baby sitter search... the neighbor sounds like a peach... LOL