Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is a big day...I am officially no longer in my 20's. I am 30!

How I feel about this event in my life varies from minute to minute. One minute I'm depressed because I have always been the young one...and now "young" is moving farther and farther away. Then the next minute, I really don't care...I mean it's just a number, right?

My sister had a very uplifting thought last night - "look at everything you have accomplished and you're only 30! You have three wonderful kids, and great husband, a wonderful house and a job you love...and you're only 30!" She's so right and that's where my thoughts will lie today!

I had a DQ ice cream cake (per my request) for brunch today at work :) I will be heading out to lunch for the traditional gift lunch with my good friend Sarah from my old job, and then tonight, we're heading to Chick-fil-A for a party that my friend won. Tomorrow we will be celebrating with my family...but I'm still not sure what I want to do...I really just want to lay low and relax! Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous, so I'm hoping to get some great time outside.

I know the kids and our nanny are planning something special for me...I think it involves the hiding of notes that I do for their birthday (this fantastic woman gave me the idea), but we'll just have to wait until I get home to see what it is!

I am also filing our 10-Q today, so that's another great b-day present. I have been so super busy the last couple of weeks, it will be so nice to get that off of my plate!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Praying for Stellan

There's a little boy that I have been praying for and following the story of for a few months now. His name is Stellan. This little boy is just a little bit younger than Ryan, and to me, looks just like him. This little boy was not supposed to make it into this world. He was diagnosed with SVT (his heart beats too fast) in utero, and the doctor's told his parents that he would die in there. God had other plans. He was born and for four months he was perfect. At four months the SVT came back and he was hospitalized until he was six months, and then he hand an ablation that was not successful, but they thought they had found a drug regimine that would keep him out of SVT until he was 4, or weighed 20 kilos and could handle another ablation (they are typically not performed on infants).

However, now at 8 months, poor little Stellan is having major SVT problems, and they need to airlift him to Boston to have another ablation, because none of the drugs are working, and it will probably result in him needing a pacemaker for the rest of his life. Only at this point, his mom would much rather him have a pacemaker and be alive than anything else.

Please go to this site ( and read his history, and please pray for him. I swear every time I look at him I think of Ryan, and I can't even imagine how I would feel if it was my little boy in a hospital bed or looking so sick.

Prayers for Stellan

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Weekend Alone with Ryan!

So John and Kylie and Josh headed to the beach Tuesday. They drove about halfway and then stayed over night. They got into VBeach around lunch time on Wednesday. Here are the some of the pictures from their trip (John only took about 20 pictures...I am clearly photographer in the family...if I had gone, there would be hundreds of pictures!).

Ryan and I hung out every night. We would play, and then go to dinner with my mom, and then play a little more, and then bedtime for him while I worked. My mom and I had a blast trying new restaurants around town.
I have had a few revelations this past weekend. Revalation number 1, one child is sooo easy! However, you cannot appreciate how easy they are until you have more than one child. When I had one child, I didn't think it was too easy, but this past weekend was so pleasantly easy for me when I'm used to having three! Ryan did everything with me...we played, cleaned up, ran errands, ate...everything together! Which brings me to another revalation I are exhausting! With Ryan, I could plop him next to me and talk to him while I did work. I cleaned out my closet, organized every single item of clothing in the basement (put in bins, labled bins, etc.), did laundry, cleaned floors multiple times, did dishes, etc. and not once did I feel worn out! But when you try to do all that stuff with 2 1/2 little followers, that's what wears you out!
Revalation number 3 is that Ryan does not like to sleep anywhere but his crib. Now I have known this for the most part, but I really thought that he would love sleeping in my bed with me at night. Not so much. He would sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up, and I usually ended up taking him back to his crib where he would happily role over and go back to sleep.
Revalation number 4 is that Ryan will eat anything. When taking him out to eat we had to occupy him. A lot. I think he gets bored easily and while you might find a distraction for him for a moment, he's ready for something new within a few minutes. So we gave him food. All kids of food! Greek food, bread, dessert, Cheerios, name it he ate it!
Revalation number 5 is that there are so many reminders of the kids all over the house. I would be cleaning something and see something that reminded me of Josh or Kylie and really miss them! It's funny how they have their "mark" all over the house!
John and the kids came home earlier than expected...they got in around 2:00 AM Sunday. We still got up and went to church and then came home and took a 2 hour nap! We had fun playing outside together!

Ryan With Leapfrog from Debbie on Vimeo.

Untitled from Debbie on Vimeo.

Untitled from Debbie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing Out...

Yesterday, John loaded Kylie and Josh up in the car and headed out for a 10 hour drive to Virginia Beach. His family is on vacation there this week, and up until a few years ago, we would always go with them. But with my job change 3 years ago, there was just no way I could ever take this week off to go, so we stopped going. This year I really encouraged John to take the kids and have some relaxing time with his family.

So while I'm sad that 1.) my kids and hubby are gone for 5 whole days; and 2.) I'm not on the beach; I am SO EXCITED to have 5 WHOLE days with just Ryan. Already we have had so much fun! It's just so nice to play with him and not feel guilty that I'm not playing with the other two.

I had him sleep in my bed with me for a little bit last night, and I woke up to him babbling and laughing at the fan going around above us. He's so precious and the thought of so much time with him is so exciting!

But I am bummed out because John and the kids arrived at the beach just 2 hours ago and already I'm getting pictures sent to my phone of them on the beach in the ocean. But I am glad that they are having fun and that they will get some fun time in with their cousins!

My family having fun while I am hard at work:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Sunday was my mom's birthday. Her request for the day was a BBQ (chicken, with a specific type of sauce) and chocolate cake (modified). Just giving you a hard time mom :)

It was a great day...the weather was beautiful and I got a nice long nap in! We had a great birthday dinner and the food and cake turned out fantastic!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dinner Is Never Boring at Our House!

What an eventful dinner we had last night :)

But first some background: Yesterday, Jen, our nanny, took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch and to play in the play area. Apparently, some boy that Kylie was playing with gave her an Indian burn. She’d never had one before and didn’t know what they were, so Jen explained it to her and they were talking about them the rest of the day.

At dinner last night, Ryan was being fussy, so I took him upstairs to get him ready for bed. While I was up there, I heard John and the kids start yelling and Kylie start crying (her fake cry).

I went downstairs and found Joshie yelling at the top of his lungs “it did hurt her, she’s her own body.” John kept telling Joshie it didn’t hurt her – she was faking it. And Joshie kept repeating “she’s her own body.” I was cracking up! What Joshie was trying to tell him was that John can’t tell Kylie whether he hurt her or not, she knows what she feels…I wonder where he gets that from ;)

So apparently, John and Kylie had gotten into a little fist fight. They were going back and forth and Kylie really clobbered him, so he put both hands on her arm pretending he was going to give her an Indian burn. She didn’t want that, so she started her fake crying and telling him he hurt her.

Unfortunately by the time I got the video camera out the real fire had died down, but I desperately wanted to get Joshie fiercely defending his sister on video, so John was trying as hard as he could to egg him on, and it worked a little, but he never repeated “she’s her own body” which is what I really wanted to get (you can hear John trying to get him to say it).

Please note that by this time the real issue was over and done with (you will even hear and see Kylie laughing)…John is just trying to help me capture the moment on video. And take a look at the vein on Joshie’s neck that’s ready to pop when he’s getting really angry!

Untitled from Debbie on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Night Recap...

What a night. I came home to an exceptionally sweet Kylie. She told me about all the things she had done for Josh that day (pushed him on the swing, played with him, etc.). She even told our nanny “I think I’m making Josh lazy because I keep doing things for him!”

She was in such a helping mood…she even went in to unload the dishwasher without telling us (to bad the dishes were dirty :) ). And Jen (our nanny) kept saying how sweet she has been for the past couple of weeks. That makes me so happy because she is at such a difficult age…I feel like so much of the time nothing makes her happy.

I fed Ryan while Josh and Kylie played together. It was nice…they were really playing well together and not bothering me about playing with them (they always bombard me just as I sit down to feed Ryan and I feel so bad telling them that I can’t play with them because he has to eat). After I fed him I started dinner, and again, the kids were just in such great moods! For dinner we had enchiladas, and Kylie would occasionally tell me they were spicy, and Joshie kept piping up with "I don't care if they're spicy, I just eat them."

After dinner we headed out on a bike ride. We left about 7:15, and my mom was so nice to stay at the house because Ryan was sleeping. I’m so amazed at how well Kylie rides her bike. She’s been on a two-wheeler for 2 years now, but this summer there has been a drastic improvement…I never worry about her falling! And she rides so fast! John rides in front pulling Joshie, then Kylie follows him, and I’m at the end. There were times that I couldn’t keep up with her!

We rode to the park and Kylie and I rolled down the hills together while Josh and John played basketball. Then we went into the Parks and Rec building where one of the ladies gave the kids candy and balloons (it’s so nice that our city is one of John’s clients!). John and Joshie played some more basketball while Kylie and I had races on the basketball courts. Let me tell you, that girl is fast! I was seriously running as fast as I could and I just barely beat her…that definitely put me to shame!

Finally at about 8:45 we headed home. And Ryan had stayed sleeping the whole time! We got the kids bathed and got the house ready for the cleaner (always involves a lot of de-cluttering) and finally headed out for our Monday-night-porch-sitting at 10:00. We only got an hour out there, but it was so nice (as was the bowl of ice cream I had while sitting out there :) ).

The only downside to the night was the fact that Ryan was up at 11:30 and then again at 3:30. I’m super tired today (and had to stop at Tim Horton’s for an Iced Cappuccino to wake me up).

Hopefully I’ll get to bed a little early tonight…yeah right!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Weekend Full of Scrapbooking!

What a scrappin' fun weekend!

My friends and I arrived at the hotel in the late afternoon on Friday. We set up shop and then headed out for dinner at La Paloma. We love this restauarant...yummy filled sopapillas! After dinner we went back and scrapped.

Saturday morning we woke up and scrapped, and then around 1:00 we headed out for some shopping and some lunch. Afterwards we came back and scrapped some more. We headed out later for some DQ (thanks to my nagging), and then came back, scrapped, and then had a pizza delivered. After the pizza the other girls went down to scrap some more, and I stayed back to sleep (although I ended up watching a movie instead).

Sunday we scrapped some more and then went out and grabbed lunch. After lunch I headed home so that I could get in some play time with the kids. I got home around 4:00 and it was gorgeous outside! Ryan and I sat on a blanket outside and watched Joshie, Kylie and our neighbor friend Noah play baseball in the court with John and Noah's dad.

After baseball, we ate pizza and played some more inside and then got ready for bed. John and I hung out for a little bit and then crashed...scrapbooking takes a lot out of me :)

John took the kids down to Athens to surprise his dad for his birthday. He left Saturday morning and came home Saturday night. The only bad thing was that Ryan was a pistol! He only took a 45 minute nap during the 12 hours he was awake that day. Sunday he took all the kids to church and then came home and played with them. And thankfully Ryan did much better!

I love that I'm married to such a fantastic man that never gives a thought to me taking a weekend off. He even told me that he would get up with Ryan in the middle of the night from now on so I could sleep. I told him he didn't need to do that, and he told me that at least on the weekends he could...I just might take him up on that :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Plans...

Today is a great day. In 8 hours I will be picking up a friend and heading to a nearby city for a weekend of scrapbooking. A Creative Memories consultant puts on a weekend crop twice a year. This will be my third time going – I had to miss the winter one since Ryan was such a pistol at that age and I felt bad leaving him with John when all he wanted was me…all the time. But anyway, Ryan is not a happy, easy baby, and my car is packed up and ready to go!

I especially love the summer one (the other one is in January) because we can walk to restaurants and it’s not as bad lugging all of our stuff in and out of the hotel since it’s warm.

We have our set restaurants that we go to, and we usually head out to some scrapbooking stores as well.

I will have a hard time missing the kids though…I have really enjoyed our summer weekends so this will be tough not being outside with them. But I will get home early enough on Sunday that I can still have some play time with all of them.

So have a great weekend and I’ll recap my trip on Monday :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Great Tuesday!

On Tuesday, the kids had a very eventful day. My mom went over and took them to a movie that morning, which they absolutely loved! Then that evening, my mom took Joshie to a Clippers game (our minor league baseball team). He loved batting practice the most and even got a ball from one of the players during it!

Kylie had gymnastics, so I took her alone so that John could have some fun time with Ryan. There was only one other girl in Kylie’s class, and they had the whole big gym to themselves (I love summer…the gym is so empty!). Afterwards, we went to the scrapbooking store where she got some American Flag stickers and some fireworks paper. After that we picked up some dinner and went home.

Kylie was excited because I was finally going to let her watch The Wizard of Oz. She has been dying to watch this for a couple of years now, but I know how the movie scared my sisters so much because they were so young when they watched it, so I’ve been holding off. But this past weekend, I heard the music come on TV and I taped it…just in case.

So I told Kylie that she could watch it, with me. And she really wasn’t that scared. It’s sad, I think shows have gotten so much worse these days and The Wizard of Oz is tame compared to some of the cartoons now! She did come into my room that night and said she had a bad dream, but I could tell it really wasn’t that bad because she went back to bed without any problems (when she has really bad dreams she cries and has a hard time going back to bed).

So it was a good Tuesday, and it was nice to have some one-on-one time with Kylie and Ryan!

Monday, July 06, 2009

July 4th, 2009

We had a great 4th of July weekend!

Thursday night we took Kylie to gymnastics and then went bowling. There is some kind of a program in place that lets kids bowl free during the summer, and for about $24, I was able to add John, my parents and me on to also bowl for the whole summer. So we got to the bowling alley around 7:30 and Kylie and Josh bowled two games together and John, my mom and I bowled two games together. The kids are getting a lot better!

Friday we slept in a little (John and I were both off work) and just took it easy. I still wasn’t feeling well, and it was overcast, and just an overall lazy day. John had a lunch meeting to go to, so my parents graciously offered to help out with the kids while I took a nap. It ended up working out great…I put all three kids down for a nap and then I went in and took at nice two-hour nap. And my mom went and did the grocery shopping for the weekend’s festivities, which was a huge relief!

Saturday was overcast again :( but we still had fun playing outside and getting ready for our cookout. Our neighbors behind us were having an all-day party, so the kids spent most of the day over there and John and I popped over there a few times throughout the day. Joshie scared us to death while he was over there…he was eating a starlite mint and came over to us holding his throat and telling us he accidentally swallowed the mint. I wasn’t too concerned because he was obviously OK since he was talking to us. But then he kept telling us that it felt like it was still in there, and he was crying. I called my sister who thankfully assured me that the mint, if it was still in there, was slowly melting and that he would be fine. And sure enough, a few minutes later he was back to playing!

Later Saturday the on-duty police officers came over and we ate dinner. I made some shrimp skewers and a watermelon/cucumber salad and mom made macaroni salad. It was a great meal! After that John took the kids to the neighbors for s’mores and I put Ryan to bed, scrapbooked a little, and climbed into bed to watch TV. The kids came in and took baths and John slept with Josh up in his room and Kylie slept with me in my bed.

Sunday morning I woke up with my ear in excruciating pain. I waited until 9:00 AM and Kylie and I went over to Urgent Care. It turns out I have an ear infection :( I got my prescription and headed home. John and I made up a huge breakfast and my parents came over to join us. It was such a relaxing Sunday morning!

After naps we headed over to the church picnic (since we were having the picnic, there was no morning service, which was a nice break). The picnic was at the farm of one of the families and they had a huge tent set up, a couple bouncy-things for the kids, and a TON of food! We ate and played, and then we all gathered inside the tent for the service. Kylie and Josh got to sing the National Anthem in front of everyone by themselves! They both did a fantastic job! John and I were so proud of them! Then Kylie and I got to be part of a mock-up of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” Patriotic edition. Let me tell you how dumb I felt! The other guy on our team knew all the answers for us (and he is still in school!). We won (thanks to him!) and got a nice basket full of all-American things – sparklers, an apply pie, a baseball and a matchbox Chevy truck.

The picnic finished up around 9:00 PM and we headed home. We got the kids into bed and watched a little TV before crashing ourselves.

It was a great weekend that of course, went by way too quickly!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Videos That Make Me Smile...

6 more hours of work and then it's off for a fantastic 3-day holiday weekend! I'm still feeling a little sick (although much better than I was two days ago!), so I'll leave you with a couple of videos:

This first one is Ryan taking a bath in the kitchen sink last night. Our sink is the perfect size for him right now because he can sit there pretty safely and I can do stuff around the kitchen while he's bathing. He loves it!

Ryan Taking a Bath in the Kitchen Sink from Debbie on Vimeo.

This second set is the difference in Kylie...the first video is me taking her to Olive Garden just over a year ago, and then the second one is us at Olive Garden just a month ago after she got her shot at her 6-year well-check. I can't believe how much she has grown up!

Mommy/Daughter Dinner Out from Debbie on Vimeo.

Kylie at Olive Garden After her 6-year Check-Up from Debbie on Vimeo.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm sick :(

Ryan started with sneezing and a runny nose on Sunday. Monday I felt totally fine...even went outside and played baseball with all the kids that evening. But when I came in to give Ryan a bath and put him to bed, it all of a sudden hit me. John and I were still able to continue our Monday night tradition, but I felt horrible!

Yesterday getting through work was a struggle. I'm such a hoarder of PTO days, and it seems like such a waste to use one when I'm sick...I'd rather take a day off and play with the kids! And it doesn't help that Ryan is having problems sleeping since he's sick...which is a hard adjustment because he is such a good sleeper.

I was planning on going home this afternoon and sleeping...but I'm actually feeling a little better, so hopefully I will not have to waste any time-off for that! Plus it's a short week anyway with Friday off! And that's why I want to be better...I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend with John and the kids...I just want to play all weekend! So I hope I get better fast!