Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yet Another One....

I thought I would highlight yet another “applicant” for our sitter position. (and by “applicant” I mean someone who responded to my ad on

This lady lives in the next neighborhood over. We are very excited about her! Her son is the same age as my daughter and they will go to the same kindergarten next year.

So I e-mail her, and 2 days later she responds. We go back and forth a couple of times and I ask her if we can meet. A day later she responds saying she’d check with her family’s schedule and get back to me.

Since the first e-mail it has been about 1 week. Way too long given our situation (most respondents and I corresponded over a day or two and then met within the next couple of days). In one e-mail this lady tells me she’s sorry it’s taking her so long to get back to me, she’s been in bed with the “flew.” Now I’m willing to overlook the spelling mistake, but it did catch my eye.

So more days go by and she finally gets back to my with a phone number. I call – no answer so I leave a message. Nothing. I call one morning around 10:00 and it’s answered but then hung up. So I call again around 11:00, and a little kid answers the phone:

“Hi, is Melissa there?”
“Who is this?”
“This is Happy Working Mom”
(I say my name again)
“My mom’s asleep”
“Is your dad there?”
“Is anyone watching you?”
He says “good-bye”

So I e-mail the lady and told her about what happened and that I wasn’t able to get in touch with her and that I obviously couldn’t leave a message because her son answered the phone.

She e-mailed me back saying that the next night would be a good night for her to meet us because it would give her some time to get some things together for the interview. What “things” did she need 1 ½ days to get together? I think she probably had to clean her house.

She called me to confirm our meeting and I told her “no.” I didn’t feel like getting into it about how I talked to her son and he told me she was sleeping…I just wanted to be done dealing with her…waiting for her to respond was driving me crazy.

And just so you know, I really wrestled with this, because there have been times that I may have dozed off when I just have my daughter, or mornings that she’s awake before me and she watches TV in my bed while I might still be sleeping. BUT…if the phone rings, or if she moves from her spot, I’m instantly awake. There’s no way that she could have a phone conversation without me waking up. Unless she was in another room, which I don’t allow if I’m not 100% coherent. So my deductions were that this lady was soundly sleeping, and her son had free roam of the house while she was out. Not something I’m comfortable with.

Needless to say, we’re still looking.


Julie said...

Ugh - you totally made the right decision though!

Shari said...

There is no way anyone in my house can do much of anything without me waking up. And why does her son not know to not tell anyone that no one is watching him??? You could have been a really bad person.

You so made the right decision. She sounds like a mess.

Sherry said...

Oh yeah I am in total agreement, you so made the right decision with that woman. I feel bad for her son, I mean is he on his own all day?? YIKES!!! He needs a sitter just for his safety.
Keep plugging you know there is the perfect sitter for your children out there. It's good to weed out all the wrong ones. Trust me you will get the "vibe" when you do meet the right on.
I realize it's difficult for you during this tansition, but hang it it will get better and you will be very secure in the person you chose.
Have a great day

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

[shaking my head]

I simply cannot believe that woman. Besides sleeping when she should have been mommying, who has the time to sleep when the sun is up?

Edie C said...

You went a lot further with this woman than I would have. But, I'm glad you got to talk to her son because it showed you exactly the kind of sitter she would be for your children. :( I'm so sorry you ar having such difficulty finding childcare.

I've read on your blog before about how you don't want to put your children in school before they have to be. I can TOTALLY understand your point of view. But, have you thought about looking in that direction if the sitter thing doesn't pan out?

This has got to be stressing you out... Best of luck. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Rebecca said...

All I can say to that one is Wow! I really feel for you with all this bad luck - hopefully the perfect sitter will turn up quickly!

Dani said...

Man this has to be driving yo up a wall. How bad can your house be that it takes one and a half days to get it ready for a visit. I mean, I'm not house beautiful but I'm not embarrassed to allow people in either.
Good luck!