Friday, October 26, 2007

The One We Like...And Other Stuff!

So I hope you all got a kick out of the wacko sitters I had to deal with the past two weeks :) Now I will tell you about the great one (I hope) that we found!

We were actually set on this one sitter, the only downside was that she was 10 minutes out of the way, each way. So once the last wacko was out of the picture, I was ready to let this other one know we were going with her. I had even started calling her references and e-mailed her to see what she thought (I usually don’t do this until I’m sure I want to go with them).

Then around 2:30 on Wednesday I get a response to my ad that I had placed. This lady sounded very nice, lived closer to me (and on the way to work), and I just had a “feeling.” So I called hubby and told him I thought we should check her out…it would be the last one, but I just had a feeling we shouldn’t dismiss her without meeting her first. So I called her, and since she knew we were in a hurry, she agreed to meet us that night! Right there, I thought that was so very nice and accommodating! We went over there, and right away I loved the location. Their neighborhood has the elementary school in it (like ours) and they had a newer home that had a lot of space. Her house was beautiful! Very nicely decorated and well-kept. I say this because we have really tried to teach our kids to respect things…I don’t believe that your house should be trashed just because you have kids. So to see this house, with a family of 4 kids, made me realize that my kids would have to act the same way there as they do at home, which is good!

She and her husband were there, and they have a 7 year-old boy, a 6 year-old girl, a 4 year-old girl (that’s 2 days younger than my daughter!!!) and a 9 month-old girl. They had to be the nicest people we have ever met! Her husband was so outgoing and friendly (so many times you get a husband that if he’s even there he barely talks). They took us down to their nicely finished basement (which = nice playroom!). And you know what they have a ton of??? Thomas stuff!!! My son was in heaven!

So we talked to them for a while and really, really liked them. They are Mormons, which although not our religion, they pray, which is what our kids do, and they are not afraid to talk about God and Jesus, which is so important to us!

The icing on the cake, which we tried not to take into consideration because it doesn’t influence who we pick (it actually had the opposite affect actually) is that she is cheaper than our previous sitter and the other one we were going to go with. We are excited about this because it allows us to do some really cool things with her if she does a good job with the kids (bonuses out of the blue, bigger Christmas bonus, supermarket gift cards, nice raises, etc.).

So there you have it! She’s going for her background check today and if all goes well we’ll start the kids on Monday!

Now for my exciting weekend news! I went to a new spa last week that just opened by my house to get my eyebrows waxed. When I was there, the girl told me that all services through October were 50% off!!!! So I told hubby that as my reward for going through all this stuff with the sitter, I was going to get pampered! So tomorrow, I will be getting a manicure, pedicure and a hot stone massage!!! I haven’t had a massage in a couple years so I’m really, really looking forward to it!

And because my life wouldn’t be “normal” without stress, we have decided to potty train my son…starting tonight! We’re hoping that this whole weekend will be enough…we’ll have to see! We did my daughter in a weekend (I know, I know, everyone says boys are harder). However, he’s gone on the potty a couple of times, and even last night he was next to me and looked up and said “I’m peeing.” Yep, time to get rid of those diapers!

I’ll let you know how the weekend went on Tuesday :)


Beth said...

I am so glad you finally found a babysitter! They sound fantastic!! Good luck this weekend with potty training and enjoy your day of pampering. You deserve it after all you had to go through!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm so glad this almost all behind you. You deserve to be pampered after all this stress. Good luck with potty training this weekend.

Dani said...

YAY!!! She sounds just perfect for you guys!
Enjoy your pampering, but don't wait years for your next massage. Every girl deserves one at least once a year.
Good luck with your son. I'll be crossing my fingers that the potty training goes well!

Anonymous said...

SO happy you found this girl!! She sounds wonderful.

Enjoy your pampering. I'm jealous :)

Good luck with the potty training. I'll be anxious to read updates on that.

Edie C said...

That's AWESOME!! I'm so glad you found someone that you like. It sounds wonderful. I hope it really pulls through for you!!

You are so lucky for the massage. I would LOVE to have a spa day!!

Good luck w/ the potty training!

Edie C said...

That's AWESOME!! I'm so glad you found someone that you like. It sounds wonderful. I hope it really pulls through for you!!

You are so lucky for the massage. I would LOVE to have a spa day!!

Good luck w/ the potty training!

lisa's chaos said...

Fingers crossed that all goes well with the sitter and potty training.

Daddy Dan said...

I'm glad you found a babysitter. She looks like she's going to be a good one.

Christy said...

CONGRAT on the sitter, and pampering day! I could use one of those ;)

Oh, and good luck with the potty training, fingers are crosses for you.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

wow! that's great news about the sitter. I'm so thrilled for you and hope everything works out. Hooray for the spa! I had my first hot stone massage a couple weeks ago and asked for another for my birthday, which is coming up in November. Enjoy!

radioactive girl said...

Hooray for finding someone good to watch your kids! I LOVE that you are already planning good things for her!

I am jealous of your massage, etc. I have never had a massage, and haven't had a pedicure or manicure in forever. Actually, the last time I had my eyebrows waxed, the woman ripped off my skin or burned me or something and I had scabs forever. I have been scared to go again!

My sons were easier to potty train than my one daughter, but not as easy as my first daughter who trained herself at less than 18 months!

Heather J said...

Way to go on finding a sitter! It seems like the best things always happen when you least expect it or when you've settled or given up. GLad it worked out.

Good luck with the potty training. I wish you the best of luck and will undoubtedly be coming to you for pointers when it's time to potty train my son :) And can I just pun intended there. Yeah.

Amy W said...

So is this the one? I missed alot last week!!

Rachel said...

That sitter sounds great!!! Hope all goes well with the background check!!!