Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Review Part I

Friday after I got home we left to go apple picking. I’ve never done this before, but I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do as a family, and seeing as how we all love apples, it made sense. So we headed out for the 45 minute drive. My son fell asleep, finally, and got about a 20 minute nap, but my daughter didn’t nap at all, and we were hoping that they would have both fallen asleep right away and would get in a 45 minute nap.

When we got there the people were really nice and told us exactly what to do and where to go. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but a little on the hot side. I started snapping pictures as soon as the kids got out. They were gorgeous pictures! The air was so clear and the apples were so green and so red! After about the 10th picture I looked at my camera and saw that something kept coming up on the screen after each picture. So I took another one just to read what it was saying, and you know what it said? “No memory card.” I seriously wanted to cry. I didn’t bring my other camera, so I didn’t get any of the gorgeous pictures :(

Once I got over that we had a blast picking apples. The kids were great and really enjoyed picking out which apples they wanted to get off the tree. They also enjoyed the apple snacks they had as they were picking :) After we had filled out bag, we headed to the big tent and got a bunch of things like a spaghetti squash, fresh apple cider, peach cider, tomatoes, zucchini, and a peach cider slushy. As we were driving home we realized we were beat, but we had such a great time together!

On Saturday morning we took the kids to get their flu shots. My daughter actually really surprised me and kept telling us that she was a big girl and that she wanted to go first to get her shot. I was still skeptical. When we were walking in a mom came out with a baby and a boy about 3 and he was crying. Hubby and I just looked at each other and thought that my daughter would start whining at any minute. But she didn’t.

When we got in the waiting room it was empty, which really surprised me as this was a flu shot “clinic” at the pediatrician’s office and I thought for sure it would be slammed. So the kids got called back right away, and sure enough, my daughter volunteered to go first. We had a fabulous nurse, and my daughter didn’t cry one.single.tear. I was absolutely speechless! My son on the other hand cried a little, but he is only 2 :)

After that we headed to the North Market, and the whole way there my daughter kept asking “aren’t you so proud of me for not crying when I got my shot?” And she told anyone that would listen that she got a flu shot didn’t cry one bit. Of course we kept telling her over and over again that she was such a big girl and we were so very proud of her!

The festival aspect of the market was ridiculously disappointing. But nonetheless we were able to get our normal veggies and stuff. My parents met us there (again, we were expecting this great festival) and it was nice to go through the market with them.

Here are some pictures of the market:

We stopped at a very nice, very expensive candy booth and the kids each got to pick out two pieces of candy (they both wanted a chocolate covered pretzel and a chocolate covered oreo) and hubby and I picked out about 5 pieces of candy. Our total was $12, but it was totally worth it…the chocolate was awesome! Here are some pictures of the kids eating their candy:

And here’s a picture of my daughter and me:

OK…this is too long. I’ll finish up the rest of the weekend tomorrow :)


Amy W said...

Cute pics!

My peds office still doesn't have the flu shots...

Edie C said...

Looks like a great start to the weekend!!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

What a great weekend! I'm so glad the flu shots went well. Candy is definitely a good reward for not pitching a fit.

Dani said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Plus a peach cider slushie sounds very yummy!
It's great that the kids were such troopers when it came to the flu shots. I think it's just as awful for us to watch when something hurts them.
Great picts! I feel your pain on forgetting the memory card. Brian and I are huge picture people and that's happened a few times to us.

radioactive girl said...

My kids got their flu shots on Friday. I need to get mine soon.

Sounds like a fun time apple picking!

Anonymous said...

Great pictues :)

Sherry said...

Love the pictures, looked like everyone was having a great time.
Apple picking how fun, and the baking you can do now, yummy!!!!!
Glad the flu shots are over and done with.
Great post, made me want to be right there with you!!!

Christy said...

I probably would have cried if I forgot my memoery card, either that or make my husband go back :)