Friday, October 12, 2007

Which Housewife Are You?

I used to be totally addicted to TV. I would watch it every night and was always up to date on the latest shows. Then I had my kids and I hardly ever watch TV anymore.

I was fine with being out of the loop when it came to the new shows, and what was going on with the old shows…I really didn’t care. And then I discovered iTunes, and the fact that I could watch TV during my lunch hour every day. So for the past week I’ve caught up on the 4 episodes of Desperate Housewives that I hadn’t watched from last season and the first one from this season.

I love that show…it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. I really get caught up in the drama. I always try to figure out which one I’m like. I really thought I was a cross between Lynette and Susan, but after I finished watching the first episode from this season, I realized I’m totally Lynette.

My first roles in life are wife and mother. No matter what, those are my first priorities. And no matter what crazy ideas or thoughts hubby has, I will stick by him and support him (and most of his “crazy” ideas are actually very good ones!). I’m strong…I don’t like to get help from people for fear of being a burden to anyone. I will very rarely, if ever, ask for help. I will do everything myself until I come crashing down. But I will try to do everything, and if there’s a friend that needs something, I’ll be the first to volunteer to help and add more to my plate. I don’t say “no” to people because I hate being told “no.”

And while I might seem like I’m running a million miles a minute, I love every second of it. And in the midst of being a mom, I long to feel young and energetic and sexy at the same time.

Definitely Lynette.

So tell me, which housewife are you most like? Or, if you’re a guy or don’t watch the show, what are some key characteristics that make up who you are?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this show!! I didn't start watching it until last year. Bought season 1 & 2 on dvd, watched them both within two months, had to wait for season 3 to come out this past summer, watched that and am now caught up. Must admit, I hate waiting a week for a new episode :)

Anyway.....Bree, I am not :) I'm a cross between Susan and Lynette. Would to be Gabby, but let's face it....that'll never happen :)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I think I'm most like Lynette, too. So sad she has cancer this year on the show....For the record, one of my client's sons works food service on Desperate Housewives and the word is Lynette & Bree (in real life) are very nice, Gabby is so-so and Susan (Teri Hatcher) is evil. Ha!

Mommyca said...

I am soo out of the loop with shows, so I have no idea who I am. I used to watch that show all the time before kids and now, I have no time:o( Sad, I know. Maybe I should do the itunes thing too:o)

Cassandra Rae said...

I just watched my first episode (the first one from this season) and was pleasantly surprised by how much I like it! I don't know the characters well enough to know which one I'm the most like, but I'm definitely going to keep watching.

Sherry said...

Started watching it for lack of anything else on Sunday nights haha Still not crazy about but have to admit both hubby and I are hooked and wait for the next show.
Lynette me, won't say no, will always help anyone that needs it, home and family first and foremost.
Would love to be young and caniving ( spelled wrong I know) like Gabby hahaha but dang that would have to be another life for sure. I do like Gabby though she is a hoot!!!
Bree oh geeze, that one haha too much. I may have some Susan in me, very insecure but that's it.
Lynette wins hands down though!!

Edie C said...

I don't watch this show, but I must be Lynette too because I'm exactly the person you described in your post!!

Manic Mom said...

HI!!! How nice to pop over to your blog and see my blog on your sidebar--THANK YOU!!

I have not seen one episode of Desperate. Why watch it when ya live it>... hahah. Seriously though, I don't watch really any TV anymore, unless you count Curious George at 8am TV? I have never seen a complete episode of Desperate, Lost, Sex in the City, Grey's Anatomy... I am total TV defunct!

But, I will say this, I doubt there's a Desperate Housewife I could be most like, unless there's one who could stand to lose 20 lbs, hates to cook for her family, is struggling to get off her meds while jumping onto another medical bandwagon, and... and, well, I don' tknow, maybe they should create another Desperate Housewife!

Manic Mom said...

WAIT!!! I've been here before... did you change your blog title??

radioactive girl said...

I think I would have to say I am most like Susan, except my cooking is good and I'm not quite so ditzy.