Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Bad Night Turned Into a Good Night

When I got home from work yesterday, hubby was going crazy because he had misplaced a piece of paper that he had been working on over the weekend. This paper included some of his clients and what he needed to bill them for work the past month. I was about to start making dinner (and I was looking forward to it too…a nice flank steak with pepper jack cheese in it with cilantro-buttered veggies. YUM!) when he said he wanted to go back to the office to look for this paper.

So we all piled in the car and made the 20 minute drive back downtown and hung out in his office while he searched and searched. He couldn’t find it, so we gave up and went to Hoggy’s for dinner. I have never been there before and it tasted amazing! Plus, we got there at 6:50 and they had half-price appetizers from 4:00 – 7:00, so we go a great deal! Oh yeah, drinks were on sale too, so I got a very nice margarita as well :)

On our way back, we approached a stop light and people were all over the road. We saw someone lying in the road and hubby immediately stopped at got out to go help. I was going to call my doctor sister to find out exactly what we should do, but the ambulance was very responsive and pulled up right away (I guess the accident had just happened). I looked around and realized the guy on the ground had been riding a motorcycle.

I took this opportunity to talk to the kids…they had obviously seen everything and were asking tons of questions…my son just kept saying “that man fell off the motorcycle.” I told them that we could pray and ask God to help heal him and make him OK. The kids loved that and I think it made them feel a whole lot better.

Hubby came back fairly quickly as there wasn’t much he could do once the paramedics got there. He said the guy was in bad shape, but he was breathing, and when hubby asked him to squeeze his finger, he was able to do that. He had not been wearing his helmet. Another great lesson taught to the kids…my daughter even said “if you want to ride your bike, and you don’t have a helmet, well, you just have to get one.”

When we got home we set up the projector and all piled down in the playroom to watch Evan Almighty (very appropriate as we had spent a good portion of the night talking about God). My daughter loved it! Hubby and I had seen it when it was in theaters and we thought it was so funny! Even my son did great…he would watch a little and then play with his toys a little. It was neat – we pulled out the air mattress and loaded it with blankets and pillows had a fabulous little bed there while we watched. The kids didn’t get to bed until 10:45, but it was well worth it!

I’m still praying the man is alright – my daughter asked me on the way to the sitter’s this morning if he had gone home yet, and I told her he’s probably still in the hospital. Even though it was a bad thing that happened, I’m glad my kids got to see their dad rush to help someone and then us do what we could. It really brought up some great conversations.

Oh, and hubby found his paper as soon as we got home.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Here's hoping the injured rider is okay.

Anonymous said...

I hope the guy will be alright, too. What a great "lesson" for the kids and a wonderful conversation!

Julie said...

Scary. I still don't understand why people ride motorcycles without helmets.

I've been wanting to see that movie - glad to hear it was good. I love Steve Carrell.

Amy W said...

In South Carolina, you don't have to wear a helmet...CRAZY.

Shari said...

You know I used to ride a motorcycle and now, I'm pretty much sure I never will again. I haven't for several years and I just don't ever want to.

I loved it but I love my children and my family more. And after what happened to our car, can't imagine what would have happened to a bike.

So glad he found the paper!!! I hate that searching feeling.

Sherry said...

So glad your night turned out GREAT!!! Dinner, movie with the family ( I have that movie on netflix) paper found and the talk about God.
Just sorry to hear of the accident but you are right to talk to your children about it, and the caring of your daughter huh? Imagine she remembered the guy and was asking about him. Shows the loving way she is being brought up. You and hubby should feel so proud.
I too hope the injured guy is okay, scares me thinking he didn't have a helmet!!!

Edie C said...

That's so scary. Motorcycles are just too dangerous, especially if you don't take the proper precautions. Sounds like it was a good opportunity to talk to your children though. So, that's good.

Dani said...

Sounds like some good convo with the kids. Too bad it was because someone was hurt. But it's great to see your kids be concerned for other people.
Seems like a great family night to snuggle up and watch movies!

Daddy Dan said...

Incidents like that are always traumatic for kids. I like the way you comforted them by praying for the man.

What's your set up for your projector? I'd like to get one to use to watch movies in our game room. How is the picture quality? Do you have a screen or just use your wall? So many questions, huh? =)

Happy Working Mom said...

daddy dan - I have no idea!!! I believe it's a Dell projector. My husband deals with Dell and it's actually his office's projector but he brings it home frequently to watch movies. It's an awesome picture and we don't have a screen or anything because our wall is white.

Let me know if you want more info...I can ask hubby - he knows way more about this stuff than I do!

Daddy Dan said...

Thanks! I think you answered my question. We use Dell projectors here at work too. I just didn't know if the picture quality was good on a wall without a screen. Maybe I'll take one home and try it. I've been reading through your blog, and it's interesting. You're a very good writer.

radioactive girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful night (minus the accident you saw) but it seems like you were in the right place at the right time for your husband to help, and your kids to see that awesome example. I love how you talked to your kids about it. You are such an awesome mom!