Thursday, February 08, 2007


Wow, I had a fun time last night! There were 7 of us there for dinner and we got there at 7:00 and didn’t leave until 9:15 or so. It was so nice sitting around talking to everyone…and we get to do it again tonight because it’s our monthly moms meeting!

My poor daughter’s ankle hurts her again. I was bad and took her brace off a day early, because, honestly, she could walk and run on it just fine, and….well, it was just a pain to have to worry about wrapping it, and then arranging her clothes so that they fit over it, and she loves to wear skirts so it was killing her that she hasn’t been able to wear them. But I guess last night it was hurting really bad, so hubby put the brace back on and we plan on having her wear it at least through the weekend. The urgent care wanted me to take her to her pediatrician’s office for a follow-up tomorrow, but like the good mom I am I cancelled it because 1.) who goes to the doctor for a sprained ankle? I had like 15 of them when I was a kid, and the only time we went anywhere was to the hospital when they were really bad to make sure they weren’t broken; and 2.) my kids are going to my parents’ tonight because they watch them on Fridays. Again, winning mother of the year here.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell everyone!!!! Be sure to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition this Sunday at 7:00 EST on ABC because it will be in my hometown featuring my company!! Finally I get to see the show! If you see anyone doing landscaping, you’re probably seeing the in-laws and me! Our shift did pretty much all of it! And afterwards if anyone has any questions about the show, feel free to ask!!!

Did I mention that for some reason my babysitter wants to stop my daughter’s naps?? She claims that since she’s almost 4 (ummmm she won’t be 4 until May). Of course hubby was like “whatever” but when he told me I screamed! Not only do I love those times on the weekend when they’re both napping, but she also still really needs those naps! So yesterday she didn’t take a nap, and yep, she fell asleep on the way home. She even stayed sleeping when I brought her in and laid her on the couch. She was up until midnight last night. Honestly I didn’t mind because I got to see her and watch her new Cinderella movie with her, but it’s still not good for her. So I made a huge deal in front of her sitter about how she HAS to take a nap everyday! I hope she got the hint!

OK, that’s about it for now…work is so crazy busy. I was going to take a picture of my desk like Amy W did but 1.) I keep forgetting my camera; and 2.) you can’t see my desk…all you see is paper, and binders, EVERYWHERE! Is it March 1 yet???


Kellie said...

Bad reader here...kinda forgot about the home makeover show you were involved in. Whoops. I have a love/hate relationship with that show, but I'll check it out this week!!

Glad you had fun at dinner.

Michele_3 said...

I'll definitely check out the home makeover show Sunday-
They just got done a few weeks ago doing one in our city- The house turned out beautiful! I cry every time I watch that show!

glad your dinner was fun, hanging with the girls should be mandatory for all moms huh?

hope your daughter's ankle gets better too!
Take Care!

Danielle Meehan said...

I'm of the mindset that you know your children best and your sitter is working for you. If you feel that your daughter should still be taking naps then she should.
Some kids just need more sleep and you want her to be happy and healthy not exhausted every night.
Besides, I don't know about you but as much as I love Jeffrey, I also love the time after he goes to bed.

Kelly M said...

Oh I love that show..extreme makeover!! I watch it every year!! Did you get to my Ty?? Is he as yummy in person?? haha

Kurt said...

Cool. Is this your 15 seconds of fame?