Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do You Have $250,000 To Lose?

Again, not much to really post about, so here are some random things that I have encountered before 8:00 this morning:

-The biggest deal? I come into work this morning and our controller is screaming on the phone about a personal matter...that's really nothing new, she does this a lot. The bad thing about this particular time? I guess someone cashed a fradulent $250,000 check on her account (yes, I really meant $250,000). Yeah, I guess I would be screaming my head off about that too. I'll post updates as she screams them from her office :)

-What I would give to be able to have a $250,000 check even be able to be cashed on my account. If someone tried to do that to me the bank would be rolling on the floor laughing telling the crooks to pick someone that actually has money to rip off :)

-Actually, for the last statement, I wouldn't give anything for that to be able to happen...I love my life the way it is and wouldn't change it for anything! BUT if someone wanted to give me that kind of money I would GLADLY accept it! :)

-I'm fighting off some kind of cold...and at this time of the year I CANNOT take a sick day! Or feel miserable for that matter...I have too much to do! Wait, I probably should not be blogging if I have so much to do. Darn.

-My kids are adorable :) Last night I had a blast playing with both of them - which is now quite a challange because my son wants to play trains or football and my daughter wants to dress up or read a book. So as I'm playing princess with her, I quickly run over and tackly my son. It's a lot of work trying to play with boys and girls!

-I've heard the $250,000 story now 5 times...admin, my boss, and 3 other people she's calling on the phone.

-If anyone of you feel like listening into a very exciting, on the edge of your seats financial conference call, go here: for the 4th quarter conference call at 4:00 pm EST today. This is all of the information that I am working on to file with the SEC.

-We file 1 month from today...that means another month of stressful working :(


Rachel said...

What kind of work do you do?

I would love to be able for some one to write a check for $2,500 on my account, lol.

Happy Working Mom said...

I'm a financial analyst for a national homebuilder - I do SEC reporting, which is basically all of the numbers that are released to the public are put together by my boss and I :)