Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Couple of Unrelated Thoughts From Yesterday

Again, another boring night :) We did go to the Y last night and the kids had a blast! There were actually a ton of kids in the care center and only a couple of adults, but since I was only going to working out for ½ hour, and the kids were looking forward to going in, I didn’t really care. Working out was great…I got to watch some of Grey’s Anatomy from like 4 weeks ago (please don’t tell me anything about tonight’s episode…I know someone is supposed to die, but I’ve don’t such a good job of not hearing anything that would ruin the past couple of episodes for me!). That is two days in a row of working out…go me! I took today off because I thought I would be really sore today, but surprisingly, I’m not very sore. I’ll go either tomorrow morning or take the kids tomorrow night. When I picked the kids up from the child care area the workers were so nice and apologetic that it was so chaotic in there. But I really didn’t mind…because I got ½ hour of a great workout and watching a great TV show…what more could I want?

I was going to write a post yesterday about how Vegas-trip-planning lady was actually very nice to me yesterday and came over and asked me if there was anything she could help me with because she knows we’re under a deadline. I gave her some work and was totally re-thinking what I thought of her. But then, the rest of the afternoon she proceeded to talk to our admin, away from her desk, and not do my stuff. She’s only here for a ½ day today because she leaves for Raleigh (Amy W. I really wish I could come with her to see you, but I think I would shoot myself if I actually had to be around her any more than I already am :)) so I really hope she finishes my work this morning before she leaves!

Last night I found out that our good friends that moved up with us, his grandfather fell and was in a coma and they pulled the plug yesterday morning. And on top of that his dad has cancer and is in the hospital because of stomach pains. I called their house yesterday and talked to his wife and the poor thing is so worried about putting us out…she needs someone to watch her girls because she has to work on Saturday and she was going to hire a sitter (because her hubby is down in Florida with his family). I told her that she had to bring them over and let us watch them! The girls are 6 and 8 and my daughter has a blast playing with them! The only downside is that she will be bringing them over at 7:30…we usually don’t get up until 9:00 on Saturdays people!!! But of course I would do anything to help a friend out! I just feel bad for her hubby…he has to be going through a lot right now.

Oh, and I know I was tagged for that huge meme…and I have started it (if copying and pasting it to Word to work on it later means starting it) and I promise I will post it!!! TGIAF (thank goodness it’s almost Friday!)


Anonymous said...

Your poor friends!! That's terribly sad and my thoughts are with them. You're a great friend for helping her out with the kids (and 9am...seriously? Where do I sign for that??!!).

Great job with the working out. I need some of that ambition!!

redmaryjanes said...

I just stumbled onto your blog! Your kids are adorable.

Rachel said...

So sorry to hear about your friends. That is hard for him to go through all of that at once.

Vegas trip planner better get her ass in gear and do some freakin work!!

And, I'm with Kellie! 9am? WTF?

Rachel said...

Oh yeah and thanks for the comment, it helped.