Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boring Night = Pictures :)

Not much happened last night, so I’ll just post these pictures :) I didn’t get up and work out this morning because I had to take the kids to the sitter’s, so that already meant that I had to leave the house by 6:40 anyway, so trying to get to the Y by 5:30 when it opened and working out, and then rushing home to take a shower and get ready was just too much. So I decided that I would take the kids there after work…hubby has to work late and the kids have been begging me to take them there to play. So it works out for everyone!

OK, I know my son is in a tutu, BUT....he was so daughter and I were playing with the dress-up clothes last night while my son and hubby were playing trains. When he saw me pull that pink tutu out he immediately said "obbly oopsie" which for those of you who are not Doodlebop fans, means "Wobbly Woopsy," which is a song that Deedee sings in her birthday episode. He walked around singing it and dancing. Even hubby was smiling even though he did not like the tutu being on my son!


Amy W said...

Cute pictures!

And I think you should join annoying Vegas trip planning lady on her trip to Raleigh and see me :).

Kellie said...

Cute pics...

Have to admit I was a little happy when my 4 year old nephew decided he didn't like the "Doodiebops" anymore. One can only take so much of Moe Doddle singing "Caluiflower, I wanna stand up and holler" :)

Kurt said...

I am blissfully unaware of what (or who) the Doodlebops are. (And, yes, I have no kids.)

Cute pics, too.