Friday, February 02, 2007

A Night of Playdough!

Last night hubby had to work late installing a server for one of his clients (he didn't get home until 11:30) so it was just the kids and me! I threw a pizza in the oven (I hate taking the time to cook when hubby isn't able to be playing with them at the same time) and we played dress up and trains until it was cooked. After we ate pizza I cleaned the table and brought out the playdough! We actually have a lot (I had no idea we had this much) because my brother-in-law bought each of the kids a ton of different colors along with the other gifts he got them. So we were making all kinds of things...I used this as a great opportunity to teach my son shapes and colors. I would ask him "do you want me to make you a star?" and he'd say "ais" (his version of "yes" since he can't make the "y" sound yet), so I would make it and hand it to him and he's say "dar". He's having a really hard time with his colors...what age do they learn these? I swear my daughter knew hers by now, but then again, she was a little smarter than my son at earlier ages. I thought at first he might be color blind, but he now can easily differentiate between Elmo and Cookie Monster (even without Cookie Monster holding any cookies). He used to have a hard time with this, so I was sure he was color blind...I mean, they do look identical except for the colors...but now he has no problem. What do you guys think? Is he normal? What ages did your kids learn their colors?

Here are the pictures...there are no pictures of my daughter because she conned me into not wearing any clothes (she loves to be naked and she had her Snow White costume on before dinner, so I had her take it off so she wouldn't get any pizza sauce on it, and then since we started playing playdough right away she had no clothes on). And then I put some playdough on my nose and my son had to copy me!

After playdough we took baths and played with my daughter's Ariel vanity thingy while my son looked at his train magazine (he would jump in a comb my daughter's hair every once in a while). Then I put him to bed and my daughter and I did our nails. We watched some of Santa Clause 2 (which I've never seen but my daughter loves to watch with hubby) and then she climbed into bed with me (secretly I love it when hubby has to work late because it's a great excuse to get to sleep with my daughter!). She said the funniest thing when I turned the TV on..."oh here we go know if the TV's on and you watch it, I have to watch it". I just started laughing! I told her that I turn it on so that hubby can see when he comes into the room without turning the lights on. She wasn't doing a good job falling asleep with it on, so I did end up turning it off.
This weekend is one of my college roommates' bridal shower/bachelorette parties. We are having lunch at 2:00 tomorrow and then going back to her house for "cocktails and presents and games". Then they have a limo heading out at 9:00 to go out on the town. I will be skipping this part. Why? Because I'm old. Seriously, only one of us from college has kids, and I'm not sure if she's going either, but for the rest of them, this is a normal Saturday night they won't feel like crap the next day like I would, and even if they did, they would not have to run around after two little kids that don't know what a hangover is! Besides, since my parents will be here to babysit (hubby will be working) hubby and I will probably go to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. I'm really not a party pooper, am I? It's just amazing how these friends of mine and I are all the same age, but at such different chapters of life. Here I've been married 6 1/2 years and my friend is getting married. Sometimes I'm really jealous that they have gotten to enjoy their 20's with no kids, but only briefly. Hubby and I wanted kids so badly that even waiting until we were 23 was hard! Besides, we are really looking forward to being "young" when our kids leave that when we actually have some money and can do things we will have the energy to do them! And hopefully at least one of my kids will have kids young so that I can be a young grandma and have a lot of energy to exert on my wonderful grandkids.

To prove that I am not too old I am about to call and reserve us a room at the hotel for the night of the wedding so that hubby and I can party all night! My parents are already planning on watching the kids that night :)
What about you guys? Can you still party like you used to?


Kellie said..., I can't party like I use to. Which I guess is good. If I had even 1/4 of that money spent, I'd be happy :) We look forward to nights of dinner and a few drinks out with friends and consider that a night out!! And,'re not a party pooper. You're a Mommy who knows she has responsibilities. You'll make up for it at the wedding!!

Julie said...

You are such a nice mom letting the kids play with Playdough at home. I can't stand the mess of that stuff, or paint, and have banned both from our house. I figure they get enough of both at daycare! : ) OH, and staying up to midnight is a wild night for me. 2 drinks and I'm ready for bed these days. What happened to the tolerance level I had in college - we used to drink 3 or 4 beers BEFORE going out.

Kelly M said...

As far as the color thing is concerned..I believe it is usually around 2-3 years old when they truly recognize them and can identify and pick things out with different colors. Just keep quizzing him..he will learn.

I love play dough! It's so messy but FUN!

Ok I have no kids and I (even though I'm not in my 20s) there is NO WAY I can party like I used. Goodness I can't even remember the last time I had a drink. I would say a good night is 2-3 drinks..and even with those..I start feeling it!! So my college days are Definitely OVER...I used to drink like a CHAMP!! Oh the good ole' days!! haha