Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap...

What a weekend!

Friday night started with John working really late…he was at home, but didn’t get off the computer until around 8:30 :( But the kids and I just relaxed and played. Ryan was super tired and went down for what I thought was a nap at 5:30 (he ended up waking up around 9:30 for an hour and then went back to sleep). Kylie and I watched “Say Yes to the Dress” and playing the Cat in the Hate I Can Do That game (which is super fun by the way). One of the police officers stopped by and hung out for a little bit which was a nice distraction for John.

Saturday we got up and I went to work making a present for the wedding that we were going to that day (I etched a picture frame with the name and date of the bride and groom and then we are going to put a picture from the wedding in it). Then the kids and I made some cookies that tasted so good.

John and I went to the wedding that afternoon. The wedding was for one of the police officers that John is friends with. I also know him fairly well, as well as some of the other officers that were there, so at least I wasn’t going to a wedding where I didn’t know anyone! The wedding and reception were very different from any wedding I’ve been to. Luckily there was free wine :) After we had eaten, some of the people wanted to go out…so we headed to a pub close to our house and had a ton of fun.

Sunday we got up and went to church, and then came home and Kylie and I went and took a nap. Joshie had a football game, so he and John headed out early and then Ryan, Kylie and my dad and I headed out later. Joshie scored another touchdown! When we got home things got a little crazy…John and Joshie crashed and Ryan needed to, but wouldn’t. I had to wake him up to go to the game, and he needed to take another nap…but apparently didn’t want to :)

By about 7:00 everyone had gotten somewhat back to normal, and we all went out on a walk. John and I were able to talk about a new small group we want to start, and the kids had fun all snuggled up in the wagon. It was so adorable hearing the three of them talk and play together!

Now it’s time for the stress to start at work…but at least that makes the days go by so much faster!

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Sherry said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend and a walk to wind down was an awesome idea.
But don't stress at work, take a deep breath and tackle your job one step at a time and you can do it without stress, I hope!!! :)