Friday, October 09, 2009

Apparently I Like Routines...

What a crazy week it’s been! It’s so strange how routine things become, and when you’re out of that routine, it feels so strange. I remember that’s what I hated about maternity leave…I felt like there was no routine or structure to my time.

I was out of work and at home Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon, and yesterday. I had so much fun getting Kylie ready for school, walking her to school, playing hockey with Joshie (and Ryan too :) ), having cool lunches and resting during nap time :) I also loved that I could get my normal chores around the house done during the day instead of at night (I will not have near as much laundry to do this weekend!). And yesterday Kylie had a two hour late start at school, so I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and I loved listening to Kylie and Josh play down in the play room together while I fed Ryan and cleaned up the kitchen.

Today it’s back to normal. My parents watch the kids on Friday, so they are having fun with Pappaw right now. It’s rainy and gross outside, but it’s Friday, and knowing that this will be my last weekend for a couple of weeks that I will not need to work, I will be enjoying it as much as I can! John and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so it will be a nice evening out for the two of us…which we haven’t had in a while. Then Joshie has another football game on Sunday, which will be chilly, but fun to watch!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

Ryan and Joshie Playing Hockey from Debbie on Vimeo.

Obviously the hockey bug has hit a certain little one very early. And yes, after this video, Joshie went on to kick my butt in hockey. And no, I did not let him win...he really is better than me :)

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Sherry said...

Two hockey players in one family, awesome. You notice I said only "two" right? haha if Josh kicked your butt then you can't be counted in!!!! :)
Sounds like you had a great week and have an awesome week end to look forward to.
Like you I am stuck in a routine and if I get off track for any reason, yikes, I find myself trying to figure out how to get back in line!!!
Have fun and enjoy your night out w/ your hubby at the wedding!!
Ryan loos so adorable!!