Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday Night Recap...

Last night was fun with some screaming mixed in…

John and Josh left for the hockey game and Kylie got to work on her homework that was due today (she had to draw a map of her bedroom that included a map key). While she did that, I entertained Ryan and tried to get the house picked up as the cleaners are coming today.

Ryan did a lot of screaming because he has a really bad diaper rash. I can’t figure out what is wrong, other than the fact that we need to change him all the time (it’s like his little system is cleaning itself out). But he screams even when you lay him on the changing table…he knows what’s coming and he knows it’s going to hurt. I tried to give him a bath and all he did was scream and hold his little butt up in the air...he wouldn't sit down! It broke my heart!

After I put him to bed, Kylie and I watched Hannah Montana the Movie, and ate brownies and ice cream. It was a fun girls’ night :) After the movie (which went way past her bedtime), she came upstairs and fell asleep in my bed with me.

John and Josh got home around 10:30 and they had a blast! Joshie told me all about how CBJ won, but they were jipped out of two goals. He was doing instant replays showing me how the goals were scored and how the goals were missed. It was so cute!

I got up a little early this morning since Ryan went to bed early again, but unfortunately, Ryan didn’t wake up at all before I left :( I talked to Jen and he still has the rash really bad, but he didn’t scream when she changed him…so maybe it’s not as painful. I just hope it heals up quickly!

Tonight Joshie has football practice…I probably won’t go because it’s freaking cold here and Ryan does not do well confined in a stroller in the cold. Who am I kidding? I hate the cold and really don’t want to sit in it! Thankfully, since John is one of the coaches, I don’t feel guilty about not going…I know Joshie is getting some good daddy-time!


Sherry said...

Smart girl Josh having Daddy time is a good one :) but I don't blame you for not wanting to go to the football practice and sitting in the cold!!!
Sounds like you and Kylie had a great night, and yeah I don't care for Hanna Montana, but the movie was good. Corny but good :)
Poor Ryan hand his diaper rash, sometimes they get them when they are cutting teeth too, think that might be the case?? Hopefully today it won't hurt him.
MMMM brownies and ice cream, yep now I am hungry!!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby with the sore butt :( Johnson and Johnson has a really great cream and Boudreaux's Butt Paste works really well, too. But, you're far more experienced with this mom thing than I am, so you probably already knew that :)

I love the girlie time you and Kylie do together. I'm excited for Morgan to be a little older so she and I can enjoy the same thing.

Love love LOVE how excited Josh gets :) I can see him reenacting it all for you.