Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Recap...

Last night was an up and down night...

When I got home I decided I really wanted to go to the gym again. So I loaded up Kylie and Ryan (Josh was outside playing football with John) and we went. As soon as we got home I put some TV dinners in the oven, and headed up to take a shower. Just a few minutes later John comes in and tells me the life insurance guy is here. I had completely forgotten that I had scheduled this dude to come over 2 weeks ago! I was a little perturbed that he didn't send some sort of confirmation, but I still can't believe that I forgot about just didn't make sense.

So I hurry up and finish and go down and we have our little meeting. Afterwards we all eat dinner, and then the kids go up for showers. We redeemed the bad night (I say it was bad because John just left them hanging once the life insurance guy got there) by playing a family game. We played the I Can Do That game and all had a blast!

Afterwards the boys got comfortable on the couch to watch the Blue Jackets game and Kylie and I went up and read the book she brought home from school. John was starting to feel sick, so he took some medicine and then he and Joshie conked out on the couch, while Kylie fell asleep in my bed. I went down and got myself a brownie and a drink so that I could sit in bed and watch TV. But when I came upstairs I spilled my pop (diet pepsi = dark!) all over the cream carpet and the edge of my bed. So I spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning all of that up (I think I got it all out...we'll see). Then I finally got to sit and relax.

But my good sleep was cut short as Ryan decided to be up off and on from 4:00 AM on. He's got a really bad diaper rash still, something going on in his little belly, and teeth coming in. Thankfully John is taking him to the doctor today, so hopefully she will have some answers for us!

So definitely an up and down night!

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Sherry said...

Hey you are human, you forgot about the insurance guy!! It's all good and it worked out right? Well except for spilling your coke all over grrrr!!!! Frustrating for sure.
Hope your husband is feeling okay today!!!! And glad Ryan is going to the dr for his rash poor baby.
have a great day!!