Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hanging Out...

Not much has been going on the last couple of days, which is strange because they have flown by and I feel exhausted. Work has been busy (we file tomorrow), so that is definitely making the day go by quickly, and just normal nightly stuff with the kids is definitely tiring!

Last night the kids got their flu shots/flu mist (Ryan got his second shot and Kylie and Josh got the mist). They did fantastic and John got them a Frosty as a treat. This meant that they were in no way hungry for dinner, so we just played for a while. Kylie and I started to play school, while I was at the same time watching Joshie’s hockey game. Then all of a sudden it turned into an all-out wrestling match between all three of us! Then after a while Ryan came down and joined the wrestling :) Then John, Josh and Ryan played football while Kylie read to me.

We ate dinner, during which Josh spilled his strawberry milk all over the floor and was worried it would stain his beloved windpants because “red things stain,” and then the kids got ready for bed.

We have moved “Front Porch Monday” to Wednesdays now because of Monday night football, which has been a long-standing tradition for John and the kids. So the kids went to bed early last night and John and I sat on the couch and talked. I have to admit it’s not even close to the same. I miss the porch :( We’re desperately trying to figure out a way to make it special again (John has even contemplated getting those big outdoor heaters to put on the porch), but until then, we’ll just have to settle with quiet talking on the couch.

Tonight we have gymnastics and pumpkin carving. It will be sunny and a high of 68 degrees, so we want to take advantage of what will probably be one of our last nice days (Saturday, which is trick-or-treat, will only be a high of 57 and rainy :( ).


Amy W said...

You need to come here for Halloween....high of 79 :).

Sherry said...

Well hey even though you miss the porch it's great you are still doing your "Front Porch Nights" it doesn't matter where you are , as long as you are together and talking!!! No distractions, just the two of you, awesome.
Glad the kids got thier flu shots, are you getting them the H1N1 shot too ???
I checked out those address plaques last year and they are awesome !!!