Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Relaxing Night...

Last night was a good night. When I got home, John and Josh were out mowing. Josh loves riding with John on the mower. He puts the huge headphones on and will ride with him the whole time he mows our yard and my parents’ yard. So while they were mowing, I fed Ryan and snack and listened to Kylie reading down in the playroom. I really wanted to go to the gym, and was going to take Kylie and Ryan, although I was worried that Ryan wouldn’t do very well as he was getting tired and cranky. But before I could decide, John and Josh came in. They took showers, and afterwards I mentioned the gym to John and he told me to go, and he would make dinner. I asked the kids if they wanted to go, and they both jumped up and down and get ready really quickly.

The short car ride we had to the gym was fun with just the three of us…the kids talked about all kinds of goofy things, and on the ride back from the gym, they discussed how funny it would be if the gym thought Ryan was a basketball. We got on that topic because the childcare workers had let Josh go into the big kid’s area with Kylie, which is only supposed to be for ages 5 and up. In that area there is basketball and video games.

So the workout was good, and then we got home to a great meal on the table for us. After that the kids got ready for bed and we all played for a while. Below is some funny video I took of Ryan watching football with John.

Ryan Watching Football from Debbie on Vimeo.

Ryan Watching Football #2 from Debbie on Vimeo.

Then the boys sat on the couch and watched Monday night football, and Kylie and I snuggled in my bed. After a while she asked me “can we turn the TV off and just talk about my day?” It was so awesome listening to her tell me all about her classes and her friends. We actually had a great discussion about gossiping as she had said she though one girl was kind of strange based on what one of her friends had told her. I never dreamed such important lessons would start at such a young age!

So it was a good, relaxing night. I can’t wait for the next couple of nights as the temperature is finally warming up again!

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Sherry said...

Sounds like another awesome evening at your house. I stll can't ever get to see the video's darn, but the look on Ryan's face, well that says it all!! :)