Monday, October 19, 2009

A Fabulous Fall Weekend!

This weekend was OU’s homecoming, and I don’t think we’ve missed attending an OU homecoming since we’ve graduated. So we had every intention of making the trip down there and going to the parade and the game, just like every other year. But as each day in the week leading up to it went by, the high temperature for that day got lower and lower, and there was a chance of rain. For me, standing outside, in 35 degree weather, trying to entertain 3 cold kids, does not sound like any fun. So we made the hard decision and stayed home this weekend. And thankfully, John and I were both really glad that we did.

Friday evening my mom babysat the kids while John and I went and saw Couples Retreat. We thought it was a really funny movie, but were surprised at how many teens were there watching it! It was funny to us because so many of the jokes had to do with marriage and kids, so I don’t see how anyone that young would have gotten the jokes. My sister also came into town Friday night, so she and Kylie had a girls’ night…they painted nails and watched part of Titanic together.

Saturday morning we did some stuff around the house and then my sister and Kylie went on a donut/coffee run. After a great breakfast of donuts, my sister’s friend came over and hung out for a while, and then they took Kylie and went out to lunch and shopping. I continued to do all the crap I do around the house (I despise laundry…I feel like it.never.ends.) and watched as our beloved Buckeyes played horribly.

Saturday evening I made this meatloaf, which turned out AWESOME! It tasted really good, and we paired it with some Paula Dean onion rings and some homemade mashed potatoes. My other sister came over to have dinner, and the really neat thing was that John took Kylie and Josh to a bonfire our city was putting on (which included s’mores and hot dogs), so our dinner was an old-time family dinner…just my mom, dad, sisters and me. It was very strange because that hasn’t happened in at least 9 years, and I’m not sure it will ever happen again.

After dinner we put the kids to bed and watched The Proposal. I hadn’t seen it before and thought it was pretty cute.

Sunday John took Kylie and Josh to church. For the first time in forever I didn’t go. Most of the reason I didn’t go was because our pastor wasn’t going to be there, and because I have been super tired lately, so I really needed a chance to catch up on my sleep. So my sister and I went to yoga. It was my first time and I now know that I don’t like yoga. Besides the fact that we had a bad instructor and environment (my sister has been to yoga a few times and she said this lady was horrible), I just came to the conclusion that I can’t clear my mind. The entire time I was there, I just kept thinking about how this was a waste of my time, and there were so many other things that I needed to be doing. At least with regular exercise (like running), I have to concentrate on it, and that lets those “lists of things to do” slip away.

So after yoga we came home and I got some lunch ready for everyone and then got the pot roast ready to go into the oven. Joshie had a double-header football game that afternoon, so as soon as they got home from church, we were running around trying to get everyone ready to sit out in the cold for two hours to watch Joshie’s game.

Luckily, the sun was out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon for football. I was still chilly, but I know it could have been a lot worse! We were armed with our Tim Horton’s hot chocolate, and we watched Joshie play two football games. We also played in the leaves and on the playground (anything to keep Ry-Ry from throwing a fit!). It was a fun afternoon!

We came home to a wonderful pot roast dinner, followed by making up a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies ever! My sister and dad had to leave shortly after that, and the rest of the evening was spent doing Kylie’s homework, playing hockey and Wii hockey with Josh, and playing on the floor with Ryan. We were able to get the kids to bed with enough time for John and I to hang out and watch some TV together, which is a rare treat!

It was a wonderful weekend…it seemed to go on forever and all of the family and fun times filled my heart!

This is how Ryan kisses :)

Ryan and Aunt Suzie:


Sherry said...

Those are great pictures. Oh playing in the fall leaves, flashback to my childhood, but so much fun for kids of all ages!!
Josh is so concentrated on his game in the 2nd to the last pic, I love it.
You missed the homecoming, but hey you had a "homecoming" of your own that was fantastic!!! Sounds like your week end was perfect. Well maybe not the yoga haha. I do love the yoga on the wii fit, don't think I could do the "real thing" though, so kudos to you for even going!!
So glad your weekend turned out great!! Hope you did get some rest on Sun and hey an evening w/ hubby, priceless!!!!

Kim3278 said...

Hey! I love the pics and how the main focus is the kids but the leaves are in sharp focus while everything outside is a little blury. I so need to learn how to do this on my camera.

I love Ryans kisses. Beck does the good old "open mouth" wet kisses too. Now he just "blows" them to you. LOL