Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drama in the 'Hood...

Every Halloween we have a potluck dinner in our court. It started in our old house, and we brought the tradition up to our new house. It allows us to have dinner before we all go out trick-or-treating together. This year, with Halloween being on a Saturday, we decided to have an all-day party because it’s a Saturday in Buckeye country :) So John is going to put the game on the garage wall, and we’re inviting all kinds of people to bring some food and hang out. We thought it would be a great way to get to know some of our new neighbors, and a fun time to hang out with old friends.

Our neighbor, who I haven’t really gotten along with for a while now (although he hasn’t really gotten that message…I guess he thinks me not talking to him is a term of endearment), set up a website and got e-mail addresses for people in the neighborhood as a way of keeping everyone informed of neighborhood events. So we asked him if he would send it out for us. He said that would be fine.

And then we sent him the flyer that John made up…it was really cute – it had a pumpkin with Ohio State carved out of it, and then it gave all the details about our party. At the end of it, it said “BYOB.” Everyone knows that means bring your own drink…right?

Apparently, my neighbor didn’t think that was appropriate. Now remember, this is a party that our other neighbors and us are putting on, so it’s a private party…still not sure why this neighbor thinks he can decide what’s appropriate and what’s not. He sent off e-mails stating he had talked to our HOA, and his attorney, and they all thought we should take it off. What??? This is a private party that we are throwing…we can do whatever we want! And our main concern was that we wanted people to know that they were free to bring beer. If you put “BYO Beverage” (which is what our neighbor wanted it to say), then people think “OK, there is a reason they didn’t put beer, so they must not want any alcohol there…”

To make a long story short, we told him to go fly a kite and John created a new website, got all the e-mail addresses from previous e-mails our neighbor had sent out to everyone, and last night the other neighbor who’s having the party with us and I walked around and passed out flyers.

I just can’t believe all of the drama that has surrounded what was supposed to be a fun party. Obviously this guy is totally against alcohol (even though he strongly denies it), and instead of pushing his own beliefs aside, he had to make a huge production about it.

At least now everyone seems to understand why I don’t speak to him. The worst part is that this guy makes offending comments left and right (think comments about women’s body parts), and yet he’s worried about BYOB. It just doesn’t make sense and I told him that. I just hope that he will now finally leave me alone, and that the party will be a ton of fun!

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Sherry said...

Seems like no matter where you go, where you live or what you do there's always ONE!!!! I often wonder why that is, haha haven't figured the reason out yet though. You did the right thing and that guy can sit on his lonely buns while you all are having fun.