Monday, June 02, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

What a weekend! Friday hubby and I headed over to the Memorial Tournament and enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon watching the golfers, including the son of one of hubby’s clients who was playing.

Friday night we headed over to a mini-dinner party with some friends. All was going fantastic until around 10:00 when my daughter informed another little girl that she didn’t want to be her friend. I was so mad at my daughter…I couldn’t believe she had said that! I dealt with the situation (although I’m sure not for the last time) and we headed in for baths and bed.

Saturday my daughter had a t-ball game. The weather was gorgeous and afterwards we just played outside and then we all took naps! After naps my mom, sister, daughter and I went shopping.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous! We played outside in the morning and then headed out to my niece’s first birthday party. We had fun hanging out with the family and finally ended up coming home around 5:00 with two kids sound asleep in the backseat :)

We just hung out the rest of the night enjoying the beautiful weather. I hate that it’s Monday already, but at least there is a lot of sunshine and it’s beautiful outside again!


Sherry said...

Now that is a geat weekend, time w/ hubby, friends, kids , family and shopping, plus great weather. It's like you "ordered" it and and it happened huh? I so love reading about all you do, cause it's always "family" my kind of life style.
Love the pictures of your adorable kids and your house, OMG it's beautiful.
Would you please send some of that nice weather our way? It's chilly and crappy here brrrr!!!

Amy W said...

Great pictures of your kids!!

Kelly M said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Love the pictures!

Rachel said...

Nothing better than running through the sprinkler on a hot day! I love your daughter's bathing suit!