Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baby Update

I’m 23 weeks today. I’m surprised at both how quickly this pregnancy is going and yet also how slowly it seems to be going at times.

We have no names picked out. I take that back…I have thought of some names that we both liked until we looked at the initials (like PMS). So we’re back to square one.

We have not even started to think about the nursery yet. This is the bad thing about moving into a new house…we have to do a nursery again. The main problem is that my parents’ house is STILL NOT DONE, so they are still using our 4th bedroom when they come and stay with us. The room is definitely not big enough for a double bed and a crib.

We have started talking about maternity leave at work. Unfortunately we have this dumb policy that if you are collecting short term disability (that’s where having a baby falls – interesting, huh?) then you can’t get paid. The problem is that I have to work for about 4 weeks because we will have a filing due and there’s no one else that can do my part. I don’t mind working (I volunteered to do it) because I’m only going to get paid for 4 of the 12 weeks I’ll be out, and since I’m keeping the nanny the whole time, I will take any paycheck I can get! So now my boss and I have to figure out what little lie we’ll be using in order to get me paid for the work I’ll be doing.

The baby is moving around a ton! Not a whole lot that the kids can feel yet (at least not when I’m with the kids anyway…during the day is a different story). My daughter has felt it once and loved it!

So far I’m not too miserable yet. My “big” stomach is definitely annoying me…I keep bumping into things because I haven’t gotten used to it yet. And just the extra energy needed to move myself around due to the extra poundage is exhausting. But, I’m still able to play outside with the kids without too much trouble, which is really nice.

That’s about it in baby world…I do need to get on the ball with the preparations for this baby so that I’m not doing anything last minute. But playing outside with the kids is so much more fun :)


Sherry said...

haha had to giggle PMS wow huh? Will anxious to know your baby's name.
Sucks about work and what they don't have maternity leave? Isn't there a law about that? Or is that law just in certain states?
You will just get used to your belly bumping into things and then you will have the baby and no more belly.
It's neat hearing how you are always out playing with the kids. Are they going to take part in the nursery too? Any designs in mind yet?
Lots of fun times ahead and you had best get paid for your hard work!!!

Rachel said...

Alyssa's room wasn't even finished when she was born. Of course, she was a month early, but still, nothing was ready!

Michele_3 said...

Yikes, 23 weeks already!
I have been really MIA! Gotta catch up on you!

I didn't even have Monkey d's room fully finished either before he came. It gets harder to do these things when there are other children involved,So don't feel bad..

Glad your doing well!
missed ya!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Laughed about the PMS initials! My son spells AND, which isn't bad, but I like it better if it doesn't spell anything. My dad was DOG and his sister was LEG. hee-hee. Too bad about the limitations on the short term disability. Sounds like you have to work 4 weeks in the middle of your leave, huh? That's too bad you can't get paid for both. As a former HR person, I know how many people got STD and then came back to work and gave their 2 week notice.

Christy said...

I can't believe you are 23 weeks already! Where has the time gone.

How long will you get to take off in total when baby come? You should live in Canada, you get a whole 12 months of mat leave!

Anonymous said...