Thursday, June 19, 2008

Very Frustrated With Bad Parents

This is a public service message to all the parents out there that obviously don’t know what they’re doing.

If your child is in gymnastics (or any sport) and they are misbehaving, and they are 3 feet away from you, DON’T LAUGH AT THEM. Instead, stop them from misbehaving. In other words, use some discipline.

A very frustrated mom of a child that misses out on teaching because the teacher is too busy trying to get your kid to do what they’re supposed to be doing.

Seriously, I’m sick of dumb parents. If my child ever started misbehaving in class and not listening, you had better believe I would pull him/her out and tell him/her that if the act doesn’t change we’re leaving. Although I have to admit, I could never in my wildest dreams imagine either of my children acting like these kids.

This is our third gymnastics class that has one of these kids in it. Last night was the start of the new session, and once again there’s a little boy in there (and it’s not always boys…the first class was a girl) that just flops himself around and doesn’t do what the teacher says. And the parents sat next to me and just laughed the whole time.

It’s getting very frustrating and discouraging taking my daughter to gymnastics each week because of these kids and their parents. I see why we have so many brats running around. Why aren’t kids today held to the same standards we were held to? I know that my parents were more strict than I will be with my kids and I am/will do a lot of things differently from them, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not raising kids that respect adults and do what they’re told (OK, still working on that, but when they are in class settings they are very good about listening to teachers…it’s just mom and dad they don’t listen to all the time :) ).

I don’t want to sound like one of those angry people that sounds like they’re still in the dark ages. My kids don’t work all day so they can learn the value of a dollar and I do spoil them quite often. I just don’t want my kids to be an inconvenience to someone else, or to make someone else not enjoy themselves.

I think my rant is done. Thankfully I have another whole week before I have to sit through that again.


Anonymous said...

I can see where that behavior would make me unhappy. I know Morgan will be raised the same way--she will listen when an adult requests she do something, she will not be a little punk and if she is, well....too bad, no gymnastics for her until she can behave.


Anonymous said...

Just because a parent lets their 5 year old act like a 3 year old doesn't make them a bad parent. At least they are spending time with their child and putting him in activities like gymnastics. A bad parent is someone that physically abuses their children, neglects their children and is more worried about getting their next fix than taking care of their children.

Daddy Dan said...

I agree with you. Too many parents are not properly disciplining their children these days and basically let them do whatever they want, with no proper corrections. It's sad, really.

Sherry said...

At least you know your children will grow up to be respectful and listen.
It's sad that parents think bad behavior is "cute" it isn't and when those kids are wild teens in trouble, how cute will that be!!!

Bethany said...

I agree. If you laugh at bad behavior the child thinks it's good. Then he will continue to find other ways to "amuse" his parents.

Kelly M said...

TOtally agree with you. I have seen way too many parent's who think their kids behavior is "cute" or "funny" when indeed it is far from it. Being a teacher, I have been the one who has to deal with those situations and your right it totally takes away from the kids who are behaving well. It's sad and even sadder that these parents will never get it!