Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Stuff...

It’s Friday!!! This week has been so long for me and I’ve been counting down the days. And as a bonus, I get to leave two hours early today, so it’s an even better Friday. I’m hoping that when I get home the kids will be down for a nap and I can just crawl into bed and get a little nap in myself!

Nothing much has been going on…my daughter had a t-ball game last night and did fantastic with the coach pitching. She has another game tomorrow morning (along with team pictures), but it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll see if she actually plays.

Have you ever noticed how awkward guys (who are not related to you) are about pregnancy? I think it’s quite funny. I got in the elevator with the head of our legal department and was talking to him and he moved the subject to asking me how I was feeling and when I was due…only when he said this he made hand motions of a big belly and looked like he was really uncomfortable. And this is a guy who has his own kids. I’ve experienced other instances like this and I just have to laugh…women talk about it all the time – you’re likely to hear the birth story of a woman who you’ve just met. But guys try to be polite and have such a hard time with it :)

Anyone have big Father’s Day plans? Hubby won’t tell me what he wants to do, so as of now we have nothing planned. I do have to go out and get his gift today though – at least that will be a hit!

I just really want to relax this weekend. I would like to take some naps (can you tell I’m super tired?). Hopefully I’ll get at least one in!

OK, off to work my shortened day :)


radioactive girl said...

My 4 year old will have his first day of t-ball tomorrow. Hopefully it won't rain!

Have a great weekend! I'd like a relaxing one, and I hope you get one too!

Rachel said...

Yeah you did kinda mention naps alot, lol!

Enjoy your early day and have a great weekend.

Sherry said...

short Fri good for you and I do hope you can get a nap in when you get home.
T-ball pic how fun, I hope it doesn't get rained out.
I plan on making a huge deal out of Father's Day but will have to get it all decorated wrapped etc on Sun when hubby is at work.
Have a great and relaxing weekend

Anonymous said...

I can tell you're craving naps!! Hope you get as many as you can in this weekend!!

No big Father's Day plans here. I'm sending Jimmy golfing for the day with his Dad and two friends and then we're having a BBQ in the late afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend (or, if it's Monday and you're reading this: hope you had a great weekend!!).


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you get your nap!

LovenLife said...

I have a doctor that I do work for that is like that..Hardly makes eye contact after glancing at my big baby belly! :) We are grilling baby back ribs, swimming and just relaxing on Father's Day..No work involved.