Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Son's 3rd Birthday

Saturday was a special birthday day for my son. With how much our families have going on in May and June, we felt it was unfair to plan another party for everyone to attend (and I was beat from having so many events/parties). I felt guilty about it because I felt like we were cheating my son out of a good birthday…his sister got a party, so why doesn’t he get one?

But as I keep learning everyday, my son is very laid back, and hardly anything bothers him. And as it turns out, his special birthday day was far better than any party I’ve ever thrown the kids (except maybe their first birthday parties).

It started Saturday morning. My daughter had a t-ball game and my in-laws came to watch her. My father-in-law spent a ton of time with my son…walking him around and just hanging out with him. My son absolutely loved this! We then all headed to breakfast at Bob Evans.

When we got home, hubby and I gave him is birthday present from us – a new set of REAL golf clubs! He loves golf (is there a sport he doesn’t like?) and he has broken his plastic set because he likes to hit real balls and he likes to hit them hard!

So after he got his clubs, hubby and his dad took him to the driving range where he hit over 100 balls and got a blister on his hand! He fell asleep on the way home…he was beat already!

After naps it was time for the special surprise of the day (he had no idea what was coming!). My dad had arranged for him to have a private lesson at a boxing place (I have no idea what they’re really called). My mother-in-law had even made him a special shirt with Oscar De La Hoya on the front because that's his favorite boxer!
I had the camera going when he walked in and the expression was just priceless! He was standing right next to a real boxing ring! When we tried to get him to go in he started crying at first, and we were all very worried. He said he didn’t want to put on his gloves because of his blister. Well thankfully the guys there were fantastic and took him over to the punching bags so he could warm up. Within 5 minutes he wanted his gloves on and he was ready to go!

He punched the bags, and then he went in to the ring and fought the guy. He got a “knock out” and counted and had the bell rung. He put on the head gear. He took off the head gear. He had an absolute blast!

The people at this gym (Sullivan Brothers Gym) were fantastic. I think we might end up getting a membership there so my little guy can box more often. The nice thing is it’s right by my daughter’s gymnastics gym!

After boxing we headed to the park where the rest of the family was waiting. We had snacks and played and had cake. We started opening presents and this huge storm came through! We loaded everything up and headed back to our house and finished opening presents.

After presents hubby’s family left and my family and us headed out for dinner. My son wanted to go to “spaghetti and meatball place with grapes” (Olive Garden), so that’s where we went! Dinner was very nice and relaxed!
We were supposed to go bowling as well, but by now it was after 8:00 and the kids were worn out! We decided to save bowling for another day!

So as you can see, I think my son actually had a much better birthday than if he had just had a regular party. And it was easier and cheaper on us! A win-win for everyone!


Jaime said...

How adorable! It sounds like the best kind of birthday!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing birthday!!!!!! And what do you mean, no party?? You had everyone waiting at the park... with cake! And when there's cake, there's a party!!

Oh... and the password to my private post is raise

It's not the post that is offensive, it is my mother's reaction to it... that we're thinking of have my J's (single) sister raise my kids rather than my own (married) sister. My mother has not spoken to me since she read that post... UGH!

Anonymous said...

What? Not a special day? I think this day was far better than a "regular" birthday party. He looks like he had a blast!! Great job :)

FYI? You look wonderful!!


Sherry said...

Now that's totaly fantastic!! I so love all the pictures!!! You lil guy is desitned to greatness the next Tiger Woods? The next "Rocky?" The next race car driver ( haha I don't know many of them) He is so into everything and enjoys it all!!
That was a party, don't kid yourself, an ALL DAY party and he will remember his 3rd b'day as the very best.
Love the pictures!!!

radioactive girl said...

It sounds wonderful!

ktjrdn said...

What a great birthday! It sounds much better than a bunch of kids running around crazy

3XMom said...

wow..sounds like a perfect birthday for him! Great job!!!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Now that is a fun-filled day. I especially love the pictures of him and his golf clubs and raising his hands after boxing. Too cute.

Julie said...

Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday!

Christy said...

He just looks so incredibly happy! I love the one of him carrying the golf clubs! So precious, glad he enjoyed the day.

Amy W said...

He's gotten so big all of a sudden!

Rachel said...

What a great birthday!!! I am so glad he had a good time. Man, he is getting so big!

Also, I saw the baby belly!