Friday, June 06, 2008

Graduation Season

Last night we went to my sister’s ex-boyfriend’s graduation from medical school. Hubby is very good friends with him, the kids call him “uncle,” and we’re pretty sure that my sister and him will end up together…eventually (she was there last night as well).

I sat there and thought about how many graduations my little girl has been through in her short five years, and how many different stages she been at through each one. There was my middle sister’s undergrad when my daughter was just a couple weeks old. Then there was my youngest sister’s undergrad graduation. Then we had my brother-in-law’s graduation from culinary school – outside and hot and I ended up walking around with my just one year-old trying to cool-off.

We got a little bit of a break until last year when we went to my sister’s graduation from medical school and my other sister’s graduation from grad school. The kids were good at the medical school graduation, but my other sister’s graduation was long and I ended up taking them out in the hallway after we saw my sister walk.

So that’s six graduations she’s been to in her life. Our next one should come in four years when my sister graduates from the residency program, so we get a nice little break. What was neat was thinking about how much has changed from one graduation to the next…the first one she had only been with us such a short time; the next two she was just beginning to learn to walk, the next two she was just adorable and actually listened to us when we told her to be quiet during the ceremony; and this last one she and I wrote notes and drew pictures back and forth to each other throughout the whole ceremony. She got so excited waiting to see what I would write to her and what my picture would be.

I definitely had the most fun with her at this last one by far!


Sherry said...

What a neat way to keep the little ones content the pictures and notes, you are the clever one.
Wow that's alot of graduations and you have seen alot of people better themselves huh? The medical "gene" must run deep in your area right? Good we need GREAT doctors don't you agree??

Rachel said...

Don't want to make you cry with this one, but the next one she goes to will be her own...from Kindergarten.