Friday, May 30, 2008

First T-Ball Game

My daughter had her first t-ball game last night and it was a blast! I was really worried about how competitive I would be since I loved softball so much, but I actually did OK! They don’t keep score and they don’t keep track of outs. It’s seven batters on each side. In an hour and 15 minutes we had only made it through 4 innings :)

She was adorable in her little outfit and did really well! Keeping my son entertained while I watched was a completely different story though…he kept wanting to go out there and play! Hubby was one of the coaches and looked adorable in his coach’s “uniform.” He was so motivating to all of those little girls!


Sherry said...

Now that is an adorable pic of your daughter. Glad she had fun cause I know when she first started you were wondering if she would even like it.
Neat that your hubby is a coach too. See the perfect family, I tell ya, you are a great role model!
Your son wanting to be out there, too cute, his turn will come!!!

Rachel said...

Look at her, posing like a little model!! Adorable!! I am glad that she's liking t-ball!

Kelly M said...

OH yeah I'm glad she likes it..she looks so darn cute in her uniform!

Julie said...

She may be on a baseball field but she is posing like a princess. Cute!