Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shopping For Wedding Dresses...

On Saturday, in between getting food ready for the party and actually attending our Halloween party, my mom, my sister and I went with my other sister to look for wedding dresses (along with her future mother-in-law and sister-in-law).

It’s funny because for some reason, all she wanted to do was find us bridesmaid dresses. We had to make her try on wedding dresses…which is what we couldn’t wait for! So my sister and I browsed the shop, found her some dresses based on what she liked, and we went to work.

The first appointment started off badly…the consultant we had was working with another bride, and pretty much ignored us. So Suzie and I got to work helping Cindy into dresses and hanging up the ones she had already tried on. Thankfully, a lady stepped in to help us (who we later found out was one of the managers) and the appointment went much better!

There was someone (not sure if she was a consultant or an assistant or what) who had been watching pretty much the whole appointment, and towards the end, she gave us a dress that she thought Cindy might like. Like it she did…she looked fabulous in it! I saw the smile on her face, I saw the look in her eyes…I knew it was it.

We had another appointment after that one and she went and tried on dresses, but she compared every one to “the other one” and even got to the point where she was picking apart “the other one.” So my sister and my mom took her back to try it back on, and the smile returned.

It was a fun day…I loved watching her try dresses on…she looked so gorgeous! I only hope that the rest of the wedding planning goes as smoothly for her as find her wedding dress did!


Sherry said...

oh my does she ever look beautiful !!!! How fun to be able to be in the midst of planning a wedding. I know she will be a beautiful bride but here's one lil word of advice. You are so beautiful somehow you need to "tone" down so you don't out shine her!!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful :)