Monday, November 09, 2009

A Gorgeous, Fun-Filled Weekend!

What a weekend!

The weekend started Friday night with Kylie and Joshie heading over to Aunt Mimi’s for a cousins’ sleepover. They were really looking forward to this!

After the kids left, I took Ryan over to my mom’s house, and then John and I finished getting ready for house church. We practiced the little “skit” we had planned, and around 6:30 people starting coming. We hung out and socialized and ate wonderful food for about 45 minutes, and then John and I introduced the book that we were going to be studying. After that we all watched Father of the Bride. After the movie people stayed around and talked some more…it was so much fun hanging out with the people that were there! After everyone left we went and got Ryan and watched TV before going to bed.

Saturday morning Ryan had me up at 6:45! I hadn’t fallen asleep until 1:00, so I was a little tired :) But he and I played while John slept and I had so much fun! I’m so thankful to all of our family members that take Kylie and Josh at times so that Ryan can get some one-on-one time with us…I know third children usually don’t get much of that, so I really appreciate the alone time that I do get with him! Later that morning he went down for a nap and John and I were able to get a ton of stuff done around the house…it truly is amazing how one child seems so easy when you’re used to having three around!

Kylie and Josh came home at lunch time and finished the scavenger hunt that my sister-in-law had set up at our house. They had such a fun time at their sleepover!

Kylie, Ryan, my mom and I headed to the outlets so that I could get the last few things the kids needed for winter. John and Josh headed to my uncle’s house in the woods for some game-watching, four-wheeler-riding, gun-shooting male bonding.

Ryan didn’t fall asleep until we were halfway to the outlets…I should have known this was a bad sign! Kylie on the other hand slept almost the whole way there, which was surprising since she doesn’t take naps anymore.

Once at the stores, my mom helped out a ton by watching the kids while I shopped a little for me and for the kids. She took them over to the playground and desperately tried to get Ryan to nap (he never did). The great thing was the weather was gorgeous! It was in the mid-60’s and sunny! We ended up leaving around 8:00 and the kids were exhausted!

Sunday we got up for church, and on the way there Joshie complained his belly hurt. He said it again when we pulled into the parking lot, so when we got out I loosened his pants (this usually fixes belly problems). Within a minute he was throwing up. So I took the other kids into church to get them settled and get the kids’ room set up (we were teaching that morning). John came in and he taught the kids while I took Ryan and Joshie home. It was strange…Josh was fine…he hadn’t eaten anything (except for 3 oreos…his normal Sunday breakfast at Pappaw’s), and once we were home he was starved. He ate some crackers, took a nap, and then ate lunch and was totally fine! Ryan slept for over 2 hours, so it was good that we went home so he could sleep.

Sunday afternoon was Joshie’s last football game :( Thankfully, the weather was so extremely beautiful…70 degrees and sunny. I wore a short-sleeved shirt and used my blanket to sit on instead of to bundle up with to keep warm :) It was the championship game, and they were playing the only team that had beat them. Making it more important to win was the fact that this team played dirty. In this age group, the coaches are the quarterbacks, and their coach would stand up and act like he was going to pass (every time) and then hand it off to a kid that was by him. That was how they won earlier in the season. So this time, the Browns were prepared! Our defense just stood there and waited after the ball was hiked, and it paid off because they won!

The boys got a medal, a certificate, and a trophy that said “Super Bowl Champions.” Joshie would not let go of his trophy, even when he was trying to eat his snack!

After the game the kids played outside and we talked to the neighbors for a little bit before heading inside. Josh had convinced John he needed more silly string, so John took Kylie and Josh to the store. Kylie went because she was going to get “big girl soaps.” We’re trying to get them to take showers up in their bathroom, instead of in ours, and one of the things hindering that was the Kylie used my soap (she didn’t want to use “baby” soap anymore). So she came back with Pantene shampoo and conditioner, and Suave Cherry Blossom shower gel. John said that she had to smell every one before picking which one she wanted.

While they were at the store, Ryan and I got to play for a while. He had just woken up from a 3 hour nap, so he was in such a good mood! He and I played and played, and then at 8:00 he finally wanted some dinner. By 9:00 Kylie and Ryan were in bed, and Joshie and John were snuggling on the couch together.

It was a wonderful weekend, and while it was a little more busy than I had hoped, we all had a ton of fun!


Sherry said...

Oh yeah Kylie is all girl !!! Haha I can just picture her smelling all the different soaps for the perfect one, how adorable is that????
Ryan too darn cute for words!!! And out in your "summer" weather, looks like he was enjoying it.
Josh , wow him and his trophy way to go!! I was so angry reading about the other teams coaches, grrrr how dare them do that, when my "adopted e-grandkids" ( yeah that's how I feel about them) are on the other team!! Don't mess w/ Josh or they will mess w/ me. So glad they didn't win. Is that terrible of me to say?
Sounds like your weekend was perfect, well except for Josh not feeling good, but glad he is ok!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your weekends.