Monday, November 02, 2009


Our Halloween weekend began Friday with Kylie's class party. The weather was gorgeous - it was about 70 degrees and sunny (it was supposed to be 60 and raining all day), so the walk to the party was wonderful! The party itself was chaotic but fun for her :)

Kylie with her teacher:
Joshie and Pappaw:

Kylie coloring her pumpkin:

The kids had to walk to one end of the room and back with a donut on their nose:

They played pass the pumpkin (whoever was holding the pumpkin when the music stopped was out):

They wrapped each other up like mummies:

Kylie ended up going to a sleepover with one of her friends, so John, my dad, Joshie, Ryan and I walked home enjoying the gorgeous weather.

By the time we got home, my sister had come in from Michigan. We made some of the food for our party the next day, and then headed out to meet my other sister to look at some bridesmaid dresses.

That night John and I went to a halloween party at his sister's house. We dressed up like McDreamy and Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy (the theme of the party was "be a hero, save a life." We only stayed at the party a few of hours - we still had a ton to do to get ready for our party. It was a good thing we left because Kylie called at 11:30 saying that she didn't feel good and wanted to come home. Thankfully she was fine and went right to sleep.

Saturday was the day of the party. There was food everywhere, and while it was cold, the rain that was supposed to be there never showed up, so we had a fire going and the heaters on in the garage. Late in the afternoon we got the kids ready for trick-or-treating (Kylie was a bride, Joshie was a Blue Jackets hockey player, and Ryan was a bunny (an old, warm costume of Kylie's)), and "the court kids" headed off. These kids have been trick-or-treating together now for 3 years, and I love that they are such good friends!

Kylie had such an issue with her costume. She was a bride, and she was wearing my veil. Unfortunately, she had fallen asleep, outside in the garage in a chair, right at the time I would have liked to start doing her hair. So I had to wake her up about 40 minutes later and she was not happy! She hated that she felt like the veil was falling, and then she hated her shoes, and she didn't want to carry her bouquet...she was a mess. So the first few pictures you can tell she had been crying. Even at the beginning of trick-or-treating she hung back and went to houses by herself - still pouting. Thankfully, after walking around for a while and getting candy, she perked back up and was right there with the boys!

Our local police handing out glow necklaces to all of the trick-or-treaters (they also made a special appearance at our court later on to give out more and eat some food):

The court boys:

Joshie running fast to get candy:

Kylie still not very happy:

Ryan's loot that he held in his hands the whole time until I made him put gloves on:

The court kids:

The only picture with the ears on:

Daddy's hat was much cooler than those bunny ears:

Ryan did not like the doggy masks Aunt Suzie made everyone wear:

But he did like the Reese's Cups she fed him :)

Ryan's bunny tail:

The night ended with kids eating candy, more football watching on the garage wall, and more food being eaten by the adults. After everyone had left, we cleaned up outside, and then cleaned up the kitchen, and then sat down to watch TV. It was only 10:00, but it had been such a long day that we were all fast asleep within an hour!


Anonymous said...

Sounds (and looks!) like a great time.


Sherry said...

OMG what awesome pictures I love them. All the costumes are perfect and you and hubby yep fit the part, hey Grey's Anatomy will be calling your to be understudies soon!! :)
Sounds like you had a fantastic hectic, busy but awesome fun Halloween weekend. Thanks for sharing, I so look forward to reading your posts daily, I love them.