Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have had a great time here in New York so far...the conference yesterday was informative, and then last night I got to meet up with a friend from college. We went to a fabulous, local restaurant where I had the best fried chicken I've ever had!

Today it has been more conferences, and then the whole thing will end at 3:00. Then I will get to go out and explore the city. The view from my hotel room is Times Square...I can see "the ball" (you know, the one that drops on New Year's Eve?), and all of the TVs light up my room. The weather here is great (especially for November)...it's sunny and in the mid to high 50's.

Tomorrow is another conference and then I get to go home. I miss the kiddos, of course, but the excitement of being here has helped me not think about them every second :)

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Sherry said...

I saw on Good Morning America that the weather is awesome and thought of you. Explore that city girl, it's totally awesome.
Have a great time and I am glad you got to hook up w/ your friend, that's was an unexpected bonus huh?