Thursday, November 05, 2009

Remembering Summer...

Now I know that summer is over :( Don’t get me wrong…it’s obviously a lot colder and there is not near as much daylight lately, which are obvious signs that summer is over, but the big sign for me was that the BBQ grill got put away.

We are very fortunate to have a three-car garage. And even though we have that extra space, it still gets so full of stuff. Most of it are the kids’ bikes, power wheels jeep, strollers, the wagon, and outside toys. There is also a mower, and a ton of John’s tools. The place gets so full that we can’t walk through it, let along get out the stuff we need (like the stroller to put Ryan in when Kylie is walked to and from school). So each season, John clears out the stuff we aren’t using, and either puts it up in the attic, down in the basement, or over in my parents’ garage.

So the other night John came in and said that he took the barbeque grill over to my parents’ garage, and it made me sad. I cook dinner on that thing just about every night in the summer. It’s so nice and easy to be able to be cooking dinner while still playing with the kids or hanging out with the neighbors. In the winter I’m usually in the kitchen by myself while everyone else is down in the playroom playing.

And last night I made brats…on our indoor griddle thing. They tasted good, but not as good as they would have fresh off the BBQ grill. And it wasn’t as fun making them because my kids were off in other places.

So I’m counting down…only 5 ½ more months until warm weather, sunny skies, the smell of lawns being mowed, and barbeque grills!

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Sherry said...

Well there, "finally" the answer to you all moving out this way!! Not only can you find a place to ring your "dinner bell" but you can use your grill 12 months out of the year!!! Are you packed yet??? :)