Monday, November 23, 2009

A Relaxing Weekend!

What a glorious, glorious weekend!

Friday started with an awesome surprise rendezvous with John. Since I had been out of town, and he had worked until midnight on Thursday, we just hadn’t had any time to talk, let alone prepare for house church on Friday. So John called me up and told me to take the afternoon off so that we could get ready for that night. So we met at Panera, and we ate lunch and hung out and planned that evening’s activities for 2 ½ hours! We just sat there…and talked…and had so much fun! Then we went over to Best Buy to look at some gifts that we want to get the kids for Christmas. It was seriously one of the best afternoons that I’ve had in a long, long time. So many times if we have time off, our first instinct is to run home and be with the kids. But it’s so important to take time as a couple…and it’s awesome to do something you used to do before you had kids that you took for granted.

Friday night was house church and it was a ton of fun. We didn’t have a baby-sitter, which was not so fun, but other than that it was good to dive even deeper into marriages and grow closer as a group.

Saturday we “relaxed.” I say that lightly because I still did laundry all day, and we cleaned up a little, but overall it was relaxing because we didn’t have to go anywhere. I put up our Christmas lights because the weather was gorgeous (high 50’s and sunny), and the kids got some good outside time. The only downside to Saturday was that Ryan never seemed to be in a great mood. I realized later that’s because he’s got his other bottom teeth coming in.

Sunday was church, and it was our turn to teach the preschoolers. For the first time in months we didn’t have anywhere to be yesterday, so we actually got to stay after church and talk to people! That hasn’t happened in so long! It was nice because there was a birthday party in there after us, so they were blowing up these huge jumping things, and they let the kids jump on them for a while.

After church we went home and took a nap :) Ryan had a much better day…he was so much fun to play with! I made chicken wings and French fries (both extremely awesome, although our house now smells like a fast-food joint from the fryer), and in between batches we were all playing football. My parents were over for dinner and I just had a happy, “full” feeling that made it the perfect end to the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect!

Just like the pictures look.


Sherry said...

Most time when things aren't planned that's when they are the best, as you found out Fri afternoon!! Awwwwwwwww alone time with your hubby, a leisure lunch, what more could you ask for huh?
A restful weekend is just what you needed before the holiday season kicks in, good for you.
And more teeth for Ryan, way to go, he is growing so darn fast, isn't he?
Awesome pictures by the way , enjoyed each and every one of them!!!

Grateful Twin Mom said...

Sounds great! I love having time with my husband without kids. We usually end up talking about the kids though.... Photos are really cute!