Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Remembrance....

My post on September 11th, 2006 can be read here…it talks about what we were doing and how we found out about what was going on.

I’m a little scared because I feel like this year it doesn’t have as big of an impact on me…like the horrible disaster is fading away. I know “time heals” but I don’t want to forget what thousands of families are going through today. I haven’t seen the World Trade Center movie yet, but I did see United 93 (was that the name of the movie?) and I was glued to all of the TV coverage and documentaries last year on this date…it was horrific to say the least and I don’t want to forget.

Maybe I’m supposed to…not all of it of course, but the really bad parts. I’m guessing that happens to everyone after major events. We remember it happened, but not all of the gruesome details, and that’s what allows us to get back on planes and go to the top floors of big buildings. Up through last year, on the anniversary, every news website and show had stories and articles remembering the day. But today, the news websites I went to had very little, if any, about September 11th.

Last year I was dying to be in front of a TV as much as I could to watch all of the newscasts and re-live the day…I felt like I owed it to the family members of all the lost. But this year I’m content at remembering the event, saying a quick prayer for the families, and going about my day.

What about you? Are the events fading away or is it the same to you as it was 6 years ago?


Amy W said...

I think it's fading a little. But as our kids get older and they start learning what happened, I think it will bring the day back out.

lisa's chaos said...

I think I'm noticing it more this year. The last couple of years I was caught up in cancer and housebuilding and barely noticed the date of anyday. This year it's hitting me harder. It seems 9/11 sneaks up on me, each year I know it's coming but I always think, "That's not for a couple of week" and then boom it's here, today.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I have to confess that the emotional impact has lessened a bit.

I remember, but I also don't put my day on hold because then the bad guys win. I'm not trying to be callous, but if our country comes to a crippling halt every year on this day, then the terrorists gain a small victory.

To put it in perspective, look at Pearl Harbor Day and imagine if the U.S. came to a stop every year in December.

Anonymous said...

For me, it's faded a bit. Which makes me sad. Makes me feel like it's not important to me and it is.

I still remember exactly what I was doing that day. The first two or three years after it happened, I'd watch all the coverage and just drown myself in it.

Today? I completely forgot to do the moments of silence.

I also agree with the comment above...if we put our lives on hold each year on this date, the terrorists win.

We don't want that.

radioactive girl said...

My kids have been talking about it at school, which makes it all more real again because although 3 of my kids were alive when it happened, none of them were old enough to realize what was going on. Now that they are old enough to understand, it is much harder. How can I possibly explain why people would do that when it doesn't even make sense to me?

Sherry said...

Faded, yes some but is that a good or bad thing, I am not sure. I do pray for the families that have to re-live this day each year. For the volunteers that worked selflessly and the long hours. I put on my Bill Gaither tribute to NYC video and cry when certain songs and pictures come on.
I don't want the enemy to win,don't want to live in fear, but honestly I am a tad scared each 9/11 for fear it will happen again. Please God keep the country safe.
Your blog from Sept 11th awesome. I so would love to see a picture of the flag,as I am sure everyone would.
I wrote an article for the paper from that day and yeah they published it. I wrote in respect of how 9/11 changed me. Changed me it did, more family values than before,appreciate life and thank God we live in the USA.
I admire and respect all the troops fighting in Iraq. Each time we go on base I see the "emptiness" and it just breaks my heart.
Seems like every day of the week Ft Lewis is remembering a fallen hero, just breaks my heart!!!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

if i think about it too much, it hurts so bad. deep inside. pain and tears just well up. needless to say that's not something you want every day. i flash back to hearing it on the radio, telling everyone where i worked, emailing my dad, knowing he wouldnt get the message because they'd have cleared out his building at the state, sitting in our first apartment, hoping my husband wouldnt be crazy enough to re enlist, watching those towers fall again and again, sitting with my little sister in law, who was too young to get it then, telling her to remember, because it would be important one day. waking up the next day and hoping it hadn't happened. watching the towers fall again on tv. there, happy now? i'm crying. it's a big blight on our country. its the only hell i've ever lived through. its what makes me worry about having kids. its what spurs me to be a better person..

Rebecca said...

This year was the hardest as it is the first year that I have to walk through ground zero twice a day, three days a week(although luckily I worked from home today). But also in some ways I've become desensitized as it is part of my life every single day - and that is very upsetting to me.

I just finished my own 9/11 post.

Kelly M said...

I completely agree with you. I do think it is fading away somewhat too. I also was thinking the same thing with the new broadcasts and how there wasn't much coverage. I understand we all need to move on and heal the best we can from this tragic day but really? How can we truly EVER forget? It made such a HUGE impact on everyone...I think it is a shame that NYC is trying to make the memorial ceremonies smaller and are trying to take that away from the millions of families that were affected. Very sad!

Julie said...

While 6 years is longer than 5 years - I think 5 years (last year) was a bigger milestone anniversary and there was more coverage about it.

Rachel said...

I also noticed that less attention seemed to be paid to the anniversary this year. On one hand that bothers me, on the other, maybe it's a good thing. Do the terrorists win if we continue to dwell on 9/11? I really don't know, but one thing I do know? America may not talk as much about it, but we will never forget.

Belle-ah said...

I still remember...my dd (who is 15) and I spent at least 2 hours talking about the impact it had on our family and how she (at 9) saw the events of the day. I want to always remember, as horrible as it seems, it was a defining moment to me.