Thursday, September 27, 2007

Books Galore!

Last night my neighbor told me that the elementary school was having a book fair and wanted to know if I wanted to walk over there with her (I really, really love that the elementary school is IN our neighborhood and across the street!). So I took my daughter and we headed over there. They had all types of books, from board books to adult books, so my daughter was able to find a couple that she wanted. She got a Fairytopia book, a “new” Holly Hobby book (wow, she really has become a lot cooler than she was when I was little!) and we got my son a Curious George book. My daughter saw one of the bigger girls carrying a High School Musical 2 book and she went nuts. I knew it was a chapter book and way too old for her, but I told her we could get it and I could read her a chapter each night before bed.

So here’s a picture of the kids reading their new books. My daughter had pulled out the bed railing and made a little area for them to read in my son’s room and included a number of each of their dollies.

And then before she went to sleep we read a chapter from her HSM book. I’m not sure what she thought of it…thankfully she has already seen the movies, so she knows what they look like, but the vocabulary was pretty advanced for her. But she listened to the whole thing!


Sherry said...

OMG the pictures are priceless. How smart of your daughter to make their own "reading room" I love it. They both look so involved, don't they?
It's neat to go to book fairs and have the children pick out their own.
Reading is fundamental and your children have an early start, so I am sure will continue their love for books for the rest of their lives.
Just love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how bright your daughter is and made their own reading area :) I also love to see kids reading. Morgan has an obscene amount of books and will often sit by her book shelf (in her Dora chair) and flip through her books for 20 minutes.

Edie C said...

That is SOOO cute!! Hayden loves to read (what little she can) and be read to. We try to go to the library every other week and let her pick out books to read before bed time. It's our little ritual and she loves it.

Julie said...

I'm a sucker when Abby asks for a book - I never say no. I figure it's a good thing to ask for.

Jennifer said...

What an adorable little reading nook. They have books, blankets, and stuffed animals. What more could they want?