Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Sorry....Is That So Hard?

Remember when you were little and saying you were sorry for something was the biggest torture there was? I would have rather my parents have given me 10 spankings than made me apologize for something I had done. I would seriously beg for any other punishment than having to go back to the person and apologize. Unfortunately, I was still this way until a couple of years ago. Let me tell you, it made the first few years of marriage very rough for hubby and me because I was so stubborn (and I married a very stubborn person as well).

I have no idea when it happened, but God has really done some great things in my life in this area, and I have found it so much easier to apologize. Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t apologize when I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong – I’m not a fake apologizer :) But when I am wrong, it’s so much easier for me to admit it lately.

I’ve seen how much better hubby and I have gotten along the last couple years because my stubbornness has died down (that’s right, I didn’t say it has gone away :) ). It’s almost funny when you’re in an argument with someone and then you all of a sudden apologize…and they weren’t ready for that…it’s almost like you’ve thrown them a curve ball and they don’t know how to react. The only thing they really can do is forgive you and move one, because how would that look if they didn’t?

Obviously yesterday played into this when I realized how easy it was for me to apologize for the things that I had misunderstood. When I was driving home from work I remembered how if this had been just a couple years ago, there’s no way I would have apologized for anything…if I didn’t do something blatantly wrong, then there was no need for me to be sorry for anything; at least that’s what I thought.

Thankfully my kids haven’t hit the stage where they won’t say they’re sorry. If my daughter hurts my son and I tell her to apologize, she’ll go up to him and say “I’m sorry.” The same goes for my son. I know they will hit the stage, everyone does, but I just hope I can get them out of it quicker than I got out of it.


Amy W said...

You would think I was making Ashley walk into fire when I tell her to say sorry...

Sherry said...

Apologizes are extremely difficult but sound like you have overcome some and I mean "some" of your stubborness. Unlike you there are times I will apologize just to keep the peace. That's a "sort of fake " one right?
Glad you are not afraid to apologize when you are wrong. With that attitude I know your children will pick it up. Be sincere and never be afraid to admit they are wrong. That is a great quality to instill in people and you, well I know you can do it!!

Kelly M said...

Good for you!! That is so awesome you have overcome your "stubbornness". Although I'm not married..I feel this is playing a factor into my relationship as well..the BF is EXTREMELY STUBBORN!! HOpefully it will get better..SOON!!! haha it really isn't that bad but in the moment it seems it!

If your kids see you doing is sure to catch on!