Thursday, June 08, 2006

What A Stressful Wednesday!

Phew! Yesterday was rough. It started out fine, everything was normal. But a little before lunch I got a call that a realtor wanted to show our house that night from 6:30 – 7:30.

Oh yeah, we’re selling our house :) We are building a new house that we will hopefully be able to be in forever (or at least a very long time). We want to have at least 4 kids, and our current 3 bedroom house is really closing in on us (mainly because my mom comes up once per week to stay and watch the kids, and my dad comes up at least once, sometimes twice per week, so while there might officially only be 4 of us, a lot of times there are 6 or 7 of us trying to live in our house). Anyway, we just started digging on our new house yesterday, so we have about 4 months to sell our house.

So back to my story…our house was A MESS!!! It was horrible, and that’s not like us, but this week had been so busy that there were toys everywhere and the laundry had piled up everywhere…both clean and dirty clothes filled the house! The people said that if they didn’t look at the house last night, they couldn’t look at it until next week. Of course we don’t want to pass up any potential buyers, so we said “fine”, and I left work early to clean the house. I ran around like crazy trying to get everything taken care of, and I have to say in the end, the house looked awesome.

To add to all of that stress, it was the night of my monthly moms’ night out dinner. So we had gotten a babysitter, since my husband had to work last night, but now I had to make sure that the babysitter kept the kids in the basement, got them fed, and didn’t take out any toys until after the showing…easy, right? Thankfully, our babysitter is the daughter or our daily sitter, so I called her to see if I could pick the kids up a little later, and she offered to have her daughter watch them at her house. Talk about an answer to prayer! So she fed them dinner, and my house stayed clean (at least until they all came home ;) ).

It all ended up working out…my dinner was fabulous…we got there at 7:00 and didn’t leave until about 9:15 or so. And you know the topic that got us most riled up? DVR!!! For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s our cable company’s version of TiVo. We all agreed that it was sad we were so excited about it, but then again, we are probably the first set of moms that are not actually missing out on our shows just because we have kids…we just watch them after the kids are in bed! Pure genius I think!

I’m very thankful for my “mom” friends…it’s the first group of women that are not crazy moms….we’re all normal! The majority of them stay at home with their kids full time, which I’m always a little leery of because of the whole “mommy wars”. But these women are just like me! I feel that a woman does what’s best for herself and her family, and that might be different than what is best for another family. I also feel that if you’re completely secure in your decision (that’s not to say you don’t question yourself about switching) you won’t have the need to fight and argue with the women that are doing things differently. Anyway, I have met so few “normal” stay-at-home moms (SAHM), so many of them are judgmental, or have very wacky ways of doing things. But these ladies have the same beliefs as me, and we are all pretty much raising our kids the same way. So I can come to a meeting or dinner and say “wow, my son kept waking up all night and crying for no reason - I know nothing was wrong with him, so I had to just let him cry in his crib” and I don’t get looks of disgust insinuating I’m a horrible mom….they’ve all been there…and they all understand!

It was brought to my attention last night (after I suggested that I had it) that I have ADD….and re-reading this post has confirmed that! I’m sure there are a couple of my friends reading this and laughing out loud because that was the joke last night as I jumped topics 100 times within the same breath :)

My plans for tonight? NOTHING! I just want to play with the kids! Preferably outside, but it might be raining, so we will have a blast inside. I’m looking forward to a lot of family time in the next couple of days….we should be taking our daughter to see “Cars”, which will be her first time at the movie theater. We also have a family wedding, so we'll get to see a lot of out-of-town family, and then definitely visiting a pool or the amusement park again. I will definitely post updates!

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