Thursday, June 22, 2006

Little Reminders

I was sitting at work today, getting ready to dive into what needed to be done, and all of a sudden this little box pops up saying “Benefits Orientation in Five Minutes”. Shoot, I had forgotten that I had that, and what was worse was that it was in the building next door. So I quickly gathered my things and headed over there.

As I was walking over there I realized how much I depended on my calendar. If I didn’t have those little meeting reminders, I would miss 95% of all of my meetings. Luckily I can sync up my calendar to my pocket PC, so I have it wherever I go. I’ve gotten to where I don’t even worry about checking out my calendar anymore because I know that I have these little “alarms” to tell me when it’s time to go and where to go! And for the more important things, I just set the alarms to go off a day or so in advance so that I am able to adequately prepare. Not having to worry about these appointments frees my mind up to think about other things that need my attention throughout the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice for moms to have the same type of thing? What if we never had to worry about the safety of our children? Think about how much time that would free up to be able to freely play with them! Or what if we never had to worry about whether or not they were getting enough sleep, or vitamins, or attention? If we never had to worry about this stuff because a little reminder would pop up telling what was needed and what to do, our lives would feel so weightless and laid-back…our “calendars” would do the worrying for us!

But there is no such “calendar”, and that’s why being a mom is so important. I mean let’s face it…if there was no worrying involved, our kids wouldn’t need us as much as they do (or our husbands for that matter)! As much as we complain about our “dependent” children, deep down we all thrive when we are needed. And there’s nothing better than that “thank you” from your child when you have just given them something they needed.

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