Friday, June 16, 2006

1 Down, 1 To Go!

We found out last night that our neighbors sold their house…YIPEEEEE! Now we have to get our house sold! We’re very excited because we both have our houses priced pretty high, especially compared to others in the neighborhood, and since theirs has sold, it just backs up our price decision even more. Now I just want ours to sell!

It was another crazy night last night…we had some friends over, along with our neighbors and my parents for dinner last night. I was pretty stressed. In fact, last night when I laid down, I couldn’t sleep because my pulse was racing and I had a very heavy feeling in my chest. I talked to my husband about how I’m sick of being so busy all the time…I need to slow down. I know that our lives are going to get very hectic the older the kids get…it’s a fact of life. But we need to sit down and enjoy them right now. And I need to learn how to say “no” to people, which I have a really hard time doing right now. Next Saturday we have 3 very large things going on, and if I just would have said “no” to my mother-in-law, we would only have 1 or 2 things going on. I need to get rid of this stress in my life; it’s not good for me or anyone in my family.

Do any of you have ideas? Please leave me a comment and give me some ideas!


Amy W said...

Since having my second child in January and working full time as well, I had to learn to say no. It is hard since we like to be social (sounds like you do to)! Love your blog, found it on Working Moms.

Happy Working Mom said...

We sound so similar! We are bound and determined that having kids will not drastically change our lives....we'll just include them in everything! But you're right, there's a point when it is more fun to stay at home then to be out with a crying child who needs changed and fed and held!

Thanks for reading...I appreciate it!