Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Past Couple of Days Have Been So Relaxing!

I haven’t had much to write about, and honestly, that’s a good thing! Because for the past two days I have come home from work and played! There was nothing that we had to do or anywhere that we had to go.

My son has caught a cold, and he has had a high fever and is just not acting like himself. I feel so bad for the little guy! He’s been getting up 2 or 3 times each night, and because of this, I’m exhausted!

I’m starting to think about my son’s party on Friday….I always make the cakes and decorate them, so yesterday I went to buy the ingredients and tonight I’ll make the cakes, and then tomorrow I’ll decorate them. I luck out because since my sister is staying with us she can help watch the kids while I work on decorating! Now for the cakes, I made everything for my daughter’s from scratch. Bad idea for me! The cake was very dense and didn’t taste the best it could have been. But I have such a hard time just using a box cake…so I found a recipe book at Barnes & Noble yesterday that is full of cake recipes using cake mixes! So for one cake I’m add cocoa powder, marshmallows and cola, and the other one I’m adding raspberry gelatin and yogurt. I think they sound yummy! I’ll definitely let you all know how they come out. The theme of the party is baby Sesame Street…so I have a Big Bird cake pan and an Elmo cake pan (I got them together off of Ebay for a total of $20 with shipping!). I’m going to the little hole-in-the-wall cake shop during lunch today to grab the colors and cake boxes. I love decorating cakes! It stresses me out because I’m a perfectionist, but I really do love doing them!

Alright, that’s about it…sorry so boring! Oh, I meet with the preschool director at church tonight, so I’ll definitely let you all know how that goes!

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Amy W said...

Good luck with your meeting tonight!