Monday, June 19, 2006

I Can Say "No"!

So remember how I was saying that I need to start saying “no” to things? Well, I did a fantastic job of it this weekend! Go me! First, on Friday night after work, we headed right out to the mall to pick up a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. But on the way there the kids fell asleep, so we decided to go and check out the new house. We have basement walls! It’s so neat to see the house coming along. By this time the kids were awake and hungry, so we headed to McDonald’s. After that we went to the jewelry store by the mall to get my dad’s present.

See, my dad started this thing way back when we were little….we each went to the store and picked out a cross pendant for him, and he wears them on a chain around his neck. His intentions were to give each of us our cross back when we got married (I think to symbolize our independence or something like that – not sure), but he changed his mind and has kept them. He has also continued this tradition with his grandchildren, and I had to go and get a cross pendant from my son to him for Father’s Day.

Luckily I found the perfect one at the first store (which also happened to have an entire area for kids with video games and a climbing thing, etc. so my husband took the kids over there and I shopped in peace), which was not expected at all. So we went to Home Depot and my husband pointed out something he needed, and I was able to run back yesterday and get it for him for Father’s Day – that was a relief!

Even though it sounded like we did a ton of stuff, it was all very relaxed and not hurried at all, so it was very nice! Nothing was a "have to do this". Then on Saturday we went over to our local amusement park and spent the whole day in the sun! It was over 90 degrees here, so the water felt so good and my daughter got to ride a lot of rides. The really nice part was when my son fell asleep, so my husband took our daughter to ride rides, and I actually got to lay out! It has been forever since I’ve gotten to do that, but I just pulled his stroller next to me and laid back and relaxed!

Then on Saturday night we were invited to a “chocolate fountain” party. Some friends of ours (who also conveniently live in our neighborhood) are planning a huge 60th birthday party for her mom. So she bought a chocolate fountain for the party, but she wanted to try out some of the different things before the actual event. So we put the kids in the stroller and leisurely walked over there. The chocolate was amazing! I want a chocolate fountain so bad! We had a great time….the kids all played together and we got to just hang out and talk. Again, relaxing and not hurried, and it was something I really wanted to go to, so I was still following my “say no” rules.

Then yesterday, we went to church and came home and played. It was very nice. My dad was up to see us and his dad, and he told me they were having a cook-out at my uncle's and we were invited….you know what I said? “NO!” I told my dad about how stressed I was feeling and he completely understands, so there was no pressure. Instead I went to the store and grilled up a great meal for my husband (and gave him the air hose that he “picked out” at Home Depot) and it was a great night! Oh, and I also heard that my mother-in-law no longer wants to do the thing she had wanted to do next Saturday, so I’m off the hook! This is easier than I thought!

However, this week will be torture….we have VBS every night this week from immediately after work until about 9:30. I know that we will have a blast for a couple of reasons: 1.) Last year I was huge at this time (my son was born on June 24th) so this year I’m going to enjoy being able to run around with the kids and the ability to get down on the ground with them! 2.) Our daughter is in our class again, and she just loves going into “the big church” to sing songs and 3.) It’s always great to see your friends every night.

The only bad part is that nothing around the house will get done since we’ll be getting home so late. Oh well….I’m saying “No” to housework this week!

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