Thursday, June 15, 2006

Girls Rule!

Last night was a wonderful “girls'” night. First, I took my daughter to get her first hair cut (trim really) at the age of 3. Poor little thing! My sister-in-law is a stylist, and my husband was getting his hair cut, so I picked the kids up and rushed them over to her salon (horrible traffic problem….bad night to be driving). Anyway, she climbed up in the chair and put the cape-thingy on and she looked so big yet little at the same time. She loved it! She got mad when my sister-in-law didn’t use any products in her hair! So I grabbed some of the hair to put in her baby book, and then it was time to go home. We ate dinner outside and then played while my husband mowed the grass. I swear all of the neighborhood kids were in my backyard! It’s nice to have the house that everybody comes to! Then we went in and gave the kids a bath (they were so tired), and I put my son down to sleep.

My daughter has these cute little ways of saying she has no intentions of going to bed. She will ask questions like “can I go downstairs for a little bit?” or “Can I watch something?” Since I still had to wash the dishes (our dishwasher is broken and we’re waiting on a part, so I’m back to hand-washing!) I told her she could come down and play for a couple of minutes. She kept asking me to play “beauty shop” with her (she has a cute little Cinderella beauty set with a hair dryer, nail polishes, combs and brushes and a mirror). When I was done with the dishes I asked her if she wanted to go up and play in my bed. So we headed upstairs to play.

My alarm clock has a light on it, so I turned off the big light and turned this light on. It also has different nature sounds on it, so my daughter asked me to turn on “the water” which is the sounds of a stream. The ambiance really did feel like we were in a spa! So we played beauty shop for a while, and I had great visions of the future when she is older of doing a little ritual like this with real stuff….how fun it is to have a daughter! She loved it, I laid her down over a pillow so I could “wash” her hair, and she got a “manicure” and “pedicure” and then I styled her hair. Then it was my turn, but she went really fast so that it could be her turn again. We had a blast! Then we finished the night up with a Dora episode and drifted off to sleep. It was a great ending to a very hectic and frustrating day!

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