Monday, June 12, 2006

No Kids = No Fun!

This weekend definitely had some high points and some low points….the biggest low point was the weather. On Saturday I don’t think we even got into the 60’s! It’s June for goodness’ sake! Anyway, my cousin got married on Saturday, and I had been dreading the wedding for a long time. This wedding was adult-only, and wait, it gets worse – it was Saturday morning! Who wants to go to an adult-only wedding on a Saturday morning? We were starting the day $75 in the hole because of the babysitter. It was hard because that whole side of the family is all about kids, so my aunt and uncle and their nine kids and spouses had to travel from New York without all of their kids (which actually prevented about half of them from coming). So we go, and it’s at a local conservatory. However, it was supposed to be outside, but since it was raining and cold, they had to shove it inside, and there was no room. The meal was a brunch (waffles and eggs) and there weren’t even any mimosas! It was horrible. Then my uncle had planned a party at my cousin’s house for later that afternoon (my cousin was the groom). That was ok because we had gone and picked the kids up and we got to spend the rest of the day with them.

On Sunday we got to do a very momentous thing…we took my daughter to her first movie! We went and saw “Cars”, and it was great! My daughter did great through the 2-hour movie, and we all enjoyed it very much…my husband and I were laughing hard at some of the parts! My sister watched my son, so we were able to make it really special for her….and my parents went with us, so she felt like a princess!

The rest of the day was spent running errands and spending unplanned money (there was a nail in one of the tires, and we needed new ones anyway, so new tires were put on). Not a bad weekend, but Saturday was no fun. We’re thinking of going down to visit our parents this next weekend…it’s always a little mini-vacation when we go down to visit them, so it will be nice and relaxing! Now we just need to get through this week!

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