Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Weekend Update

What a great weekend we had and we really didn’t even do anything! Friday night we went to Wal-Mart (have I mentioned how much I hate that store, and yet, we are always drawn there :) ). I got stuff to make homemade pizza, recipe courteous of this wonderful chef http://www.smittenkitchen.com/, and if you ever have extra time in the kitchen, which of course, I know most of us are moms and don’t, but if you do, she has some FABULOUS recipes.

Saturday hubby let me sleep in a little which was just what I needed! Then we spent the day organizing/playing with the kids. We’d rotate on and off…when they wanted someone to play with them, we would, and then when they were happily doing something on their own, we’d do some of our work. The day lasted forever! I can’t remember the last time I stayed in all day on a Saturday…it felt so good. Our old neighbors, soon-to-be new neighbors stopped in to borrow some boxes and they ended up staying most of the day, which was great because he helped hubby do some cabling and their 5 year-old played with my daughter most of the day. After they left I made the pizza and it turned out wonderful! I made a cheese and black olive one for the kids, and then for hubby and me I added spices to the dough and then on top before baking, and added pepperoni and mushrooms. I was so proud of myself for making a pizza that tasted better (only because it was a little more gourmet) than any delivery service. However, hubby and I agree that Pizza Hut is still our favorite.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and tried to take a nap. The problem is that my dad came over so I couldn’t really sleep (even though he’s my dad I feel rude sleeping while he’s there. Once he lives next door I won’t feel so rude anymore). Then we spent some more time cleaning and organizing while my dad played with the kids. They absolutely adore him! We had some friends from college come over to watch our great Alma Mater www.ohiou.edu play in their bowl game and were thoroughly embarrassed. Our friends actually left during the third quarter because it was so bad. And they brought this wonderful dessert (pudding, cool whip, peppermint patties, brownies, all layered) in this really neat dish. When they were leaving she told me the dish was mine to keep as a housewarming present. I was so excited because when I had seen it I had actually thought to myself “wow, that’s cute and I don’t have anything like that, I should get one”. I thanked her profusely because of course there was no need for a gift!

Then last night…oh last night. The disappointment; the sadness. You really would think someone important died by the way this city is acting. Why Buckeyes? Why did you have to let us down? We cheer you on all season; we defend you; we travel hundreds of miles without a ticket to the game just to share in your game. I really don’t like football, but I really like the Buckeyes, and after the opening drive and a touchdown by us in the first 16 seconds of the game I really thought we had it. But alas I was mistaken. I couldn’t take it anymore so I went upstairs and watched “the bad kids” (super nanny) with my daughter.

That’s about it…nothing too exciting. It finally feels like winter here…cold and snowy (still no accumulation though). Oh, we had all of the window treatments for the upstairs installed today…I can’t wait to get home and see what they look like! Especially the kids’ mural ones!!!

I know everyone else is saying this, so I will too - delurk yourselves all you lurkers! I know I have more people reading this that don’t comment :)


Kellie said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! Glad Big People stuff got done and time with Little People, too!!

Amy W said...

Not delurking, always here!